September 27, 2022

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Yuqi (G)I-DLE Reveals the Secret Behind His Personality, Why Can You Be Strong and Cheerful?

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi recently had a photo shoot and interview with a magazine Korean Elle for the July issue. Carrying a retro style and relaxed pose, Yuqi successfully exudes high self-confidence. In the interview session with ElleYuqi talked about the strong personality and persona that he often displays.

Allkpop launching on Wednesday (22/6/2022), Yuqi shared his experiences about the (G)I-DLE concert in Seoul which was successfully held some time ago, producing music for his group, to the image he displayed as a K-Pop idol to a human. normal.

Regarding his work as a composer, Yuqi confessed, “Soyeon is the main producer for our team. He chooses which songs will be included in the album because the songs were written by the members.”

The other members are also critical about evaluating songs. So when a song I wrote was chosen, it felt like I was validated as a composer. Even though I have a busy schedule, I try to make music regularly,” he added.

Next, Yuqi also shared about the bright and relaxed image that she always displays in public.

Yuqi said, “I have a strong personality. However, sometimes, I wonder if people will think why I always seem cheerful and strong, and won’t worry about me. Maybe, it seems I need to show that sometimes I can also feel hurt or feel weak.”

However, this strong and cheerful nature that I display has indeed become my nature, and I can’t change it. I’m the type of person who always sticks to my feelings. I cry a lot too” he added.

Yuqi continued, “However, when it comes to work, I focus on my goals. I have strong opinions, and sometimes I can be stubborn. I used to be confused about my true personality, but I started to accept myself as I am. Now I feel better.”

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Yuqi has a strong personality and always shows her cheerful side in public. However, there were times when he also felt weak, and wanted to be someone others were worried about. However, after learning to accept himself, Yuqi could feel better.