July 2, 2022


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Youth Crossing Extreme Bridges Makes the Public Heartbroken, Slightly Shaky Can Be Different in Nature

As its main function, bridges are built to cross obstacles such as rivers or ravines. The existence of a bridge can help pedestrians and vehicles to cross to get to the opposite place.

In general, bridges are deliberately made of adequate width, if they can be used for two or more vehicles passing each other, so that neither one of them has to wait long to take turns crossing. However, social media users were made to ‘cardiac exercise’ and were horrified to see this video of a young man crossing this extreme bridge.

Viral video uploaded via TikTok account @jonesdo It shows the motorcyclist crossing the bridge. Not without reason, the video has succeeded in making the TikTok world crowded because it is terrible.

In the video, two motorcyclists can be seen. The two of them looked very brave across a very long bridge, with a fairly minimal bridge width.

Even more surprising was the environment around the bridge. In addition to plantations, it is known that to the right and left of the bridge are rivers with fast flowing water. While the distance between the bridge and the river is very high. So that the video uploader even provides a description, “Mistake a little auto different nature.”

In the video section there is also a brief description that can make netizens imagine how narrow and scary it is to cross the bridge. “Reckless to cross the most extreme bridge in Indonesia,” that’s the description in the body of the video.

To date, the video from the @jonesdo account has received 835.9 thousand likes and 14.8 thousand comments. The viral video also managed to invite various reactions from netizens and made them share their responses in the comments column.

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“When I pass there, I finish one content of the Koran due to reading,” write scorpio account @bubuww2

“Please don’t move the camera, it feels like it’s falling,” revealed the maskkyyy account.

Meanwhile, there are other TikTok users who express their inability to drive and cross the bridge, such as the account comment @username32_15 which wrote, “Never mind riding a motorbike, I can’t even walk on foot.”

Comments like this are also still visible from other accounts. Most of them are afraid to cross this extreme bridge because they are afraid that they will fall and get injured or even ‘different nature’ (died).

The video was actually shared last March. However, it still continues to be highlighted until now and has crossed tens of millions of views.