December 1, 2022

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Yoursay Class: The Importance of Creative Leadership Ability, Gen MZ Must Know!

Talk about creative leadership or creative leadership, the MZ gene (Millennial generation and Z generation) must know, what is the importance of these abilities. Through the Yoursay Class program ‘HOW TO DEVELOP CREATIVE LEADERSHIP’ which will be held on November 24, 2022, invites leaders to know what the importance of creative leadership skills is at this time.

It is undeniable that with the development of technology, we are all required to be more creative. Creative Leadership is an aspect that must be developed by everyone, including the MZ gene which will later become the next generation.

Barlian Juliantoro, a Member of the Proxsis Community HR Professional Senior Project Manager, who this time had the opportunity to fill in the material for the Yoursay Class program, explained various matters related to Creative Leadership.

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Creative Leadership is a combination of the two words ‘Creative’ and ‘Leadership’

Quoting from ForbesLeadership or leadership is a process of social influence by maximizing the efforts of others, towards achieving a goal.

According to Barlian Juliantoro, there are 2 types of leadership. First, Structural Leaders or leaders who are structured or recorded. For example, a manager, CEO, chairman of the organization, or class president.

While the second, there are cultural leaders or leaders whose voices are heard a lot. This leader does not only have a position but, his words are able to change policies or influence other people.

A leader must be able to establish closeness with someone who has the ability of a Structural Leader in order to be able to reach all members.

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When talking about creativity, a leader must have Creative Thinking in order to be able to provide solutions from various points of view.

There are many types of Creative Thinking itself: (1) Divergent Thinking, (2) Lateral Thinking, (3) Inspirational Thinking, (4) Systemic Thinking, and (5) Aesthetic Thinking.

Why should leadership and creativity be brought together? In order for a leader to be able to have a positive impact, provide creative solutions, without being judged as too dictating to his followers.

If Jack Welch, an American businessman, said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

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How do you grow Creative Leadership not only for you but also for the team?

You can learn the 21st century life skill which is talked about a lot. Then you can also bring up Creative Leadership and regenerate it based on tips from Barlian Juliantoro if your current position is a leader.

1. Define standards

You can set personal standards that must be one level higher than company standards. For example, your standard must complete the work h-1 maximum, so indirectly your team will also adjust it

2. Present a supportive environment

Try to stay away from toxic environments and create a feeling of security for members. As the leader as much as possible not to scold your team.

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If something goes wrong, try to come forward, apologize or explain to the client. That way your members will have the feeling of not being afraid to try, however, they will correct themselves when something goes wrong.

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3. Give credit, take responsibility

Give praise to the team if they produce good results. However, if not then, do as described in number 2 earlier.

4. Often travel “Around the World” (free of charge = browsing)

Invite the team to search for ideas by traveling the world. Then use your Creative Thinking abilities to decide on a solution.

The four tips above aim to create a great team, not just a great leader. If you have Creative Leadership, indirectly you will encourage others to become more creative too.

There you have it, a few things related to Creative Leadership from Barlian Juliantoro delivered through Yoursay Class ‘HOW TO DEVELOP CREATIVE LEADERSHIP’. How about this, do you think?

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