October 6, 2022


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Your Lie In April Film Review, A Live Action That Worked?

Film Your Lie in April starring Kento Yamazaki and Suzu Hirose is based on a manga that has been made into an anime format, which was a success in the market. So don’t be surprised if many fans are looking forward to the format of the film.

The story in this film centers on a high school teenager named Kousei Arima, a young pianist whose musical talent stands out. Kousei got the talent to play the piano from his mother who is also a famous pianist. And it was his mother who taught Kousei to play the piano since childhood. However, his mother’s desire to train Kousei turns into an excessive obsession that makes Kousei depressed.

Kousei was sick of being dictated to constantly even though he continued to practice as directed. In his heart he cursed his mother to die soon so that he would escape the hell that ensnared him. Kousei’s prayers were answered and his mother died from a chronic disease that was eating away at his body. However, after the death of his mother, Kousei even languished. Guilt tortured him so that it became a trauma that made him unable to play the piano anymore. He also decided to leave the piano.

In the midst of his downturn, Kousei meets Kaori Miyazono (Suzu Hirose), a classmate who is a pianist. Kaori is a cheerful teenager. Kaori’s presence brought many changes in Kousei. The biggest thing is that the child managed to get out of the trauma and guilt of his mother so he wanted to play the piano again.

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However, there was something Kousei didn’t know about Kaori. The energetic girl has a terminal illness. Kaori had never been honest with Kousei and the others in order to keep them from worrying. Kaori often reasoned that Kousei and the others wouldn’t see her in pain when her illness flared up.

As Kousei overcomes his fear, the disease in Kaori’s body gets stronger and makes her unable to endure.

Reading the premise, Your Lie in April it is thick with melodrama elements. And when watching the whole film, they seem to have managed to present sentimental scenes. The beautiful visuals typical of spring serve as a backdrop that spoils the eyes but at the same time it breaks my heart to see the fact that Kousei lost Kaori in such a beautiful season.

Kento Yamazaki in particular should be applauded in this film. He looks more mature in acting. Kento doesn’t just appear as a young man ikemen who is good at playing the piano, but also able to bring his character to life. So, it’s only natural that we as viewers feel puffy eyes when we witness the scene of Kento being tormented by his guilt.

Your Lie in April has advantages in terms of OST and scoring. The scene when Kousei and Kaori’s piano becomes a dramatic one that displays their sad emotions. The music that is played in this film makes the sadness even more pronounced.

However, there is a quite disturbing part of this film in the storyline section. Viewers who have read the manga or anime series, will likely feel a little disappointed with the plot presented. Story Your Lie in April the film version has holes everywhere and the story is overdramatic. Packing a 22-episode story into a 122-minute film may not be easy. It could be that this is the cause of the conflict not being dug deeper so that the emotions are not conveyed.

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So, is Your Lie in April including live action successful one? As described above. If the audience has not read the manga or watched the anime, this film will feel emotional. The audience will not feel the hole in the story because the director actually packaged the story quite interestingly.