July 2, 2022


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You’ll Never Walk Alone, Here are 6 Champions League Finals when Liverpool became champions!

YNWA is a very popular abbreviation used to abbreviate the sentence You’ll Never Walk Alone, You’ll Never Walk Alone is the title of the song that became the great anthem of Liverpool Football Club.

In its current history, Liverpool FC has won the Champions League six times, following 6 Champions League finals when Liverpool won:

1. 1976/1977 Champions League Final

This is the champions league title won by Liverpool for the first time, at that time the Champions League was still called the Champions Cup.

The final match in the 1976/1977 Champions Cup was held at the Olympic stadium, Rome or better known as the Stadio Olimpico Rome.

In this final Liverpool beat the German representative club Borussia Monchengladbach with a score of 3-1 for Liverpool’s victory. Liverpool’s goals were scored by Mc Dermott in the 28th minute, then by Thomas Smith in the 64th minute, and a penalty kick from George Neal in the 82nd minute, all three Liverpool goals could only be answered by one goal by Borussia Monchengladbach, which was scored by Simonsen. in the 52nd minute.

2. 1977/1978 Champions League Final

Liverpool as defending champions were able to defend the Champions League trophy in the 1977/1978 Champions League Final, which at that time was also still called the Champions Cup.

Liverpool managed to beat Club Brugge with a score of 1-0, Liverpool’s winning goal was scored by Kenny Dalglish. The Champions League final in 1977/1978 was held at Wembley Stadium, England.

3. 1980/1981 Champions League Final

The 1980/1981 Champions League final brought Liverpool against Real Madrid. Liverpool since the start of the tournament has been playing very impressively, big wins have been won by Liverpool, such as when Liverpool played against a Finnish club by obtaining an aggregate score of 2-11, beating Aberdeen with a score of 0-4 to obtain an aggregate score of 0-5, obtaining an aggregate score 6-1 against CSKA Sofia for Liverpool victory.

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In the semi-finals Liverpool also managed to get rid of Bayern Munich, so Liverpool has the right to appear in the final against Real Madrid. In the final round Liverpool managed to beat Real Madrid with a narrow score 1-0, goals scored by Alan Kennedy in the 82nd minute for Liverpool’s victory.

4. 1983/1984 Champions League Final

The 1983/1984 Champions League final was held again at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, in this final Liverpool played the host club, AS Roma.

The score in normal time plus extra time remained at 1-1, Liverpool’s goal was scored by George Neal, and the goal from AS Roma was scored by Roberto Pruzzo. Because the score was still at 1-1, the match continued with a penalty shootout, Liverpool managed to beat AS Roma in the penalty shootout with a score of 4-2. Thus Liverpool managed to embrace the Champions League title for the fourth time.

5. 2004/2005 Champions League Final

The Miracle of Istanbul, this sentence is a description of how this Champions League Final went, AC Milan against Liverpool, the two clubs who had a great history met in the 2004/2005 Champions League Final. AC Milan was fiercely 3-0 up in the first half from Liverpool, AC Milan’s goal was scored by Paolo Maldini, and twice from Hernan Crespo.

When Liverpool’s second half was able to equalize to 3-3, Liverpool’s goals were scored by Gerrard, Smicer, and Xabi Alonso. The score lasts until normal time, and extra time is over.

In the penalty shootout, Liverpool beat AC Milan with a score of 2-3, dramatic! Liverpool have won the Champions League!

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6. 2018/2019 Champions League Final

The All England Final, as the name implies, the 2018/2019 Champions League Final, brings together two English clubs, namely Tottenham Hotspur against Liverpool.

On the way to the 2018/2019 Champions League final, Liverpool managed to get rid of clubs such as Bayern Munich, FC Porto, and Barcelona.

Liverpool got rid of Barcelona in a very spectacular way, in the first leg Liverpool lost 3-0 to Barcelona, ​​but in the 2nd leg Liverpool could beat Barcelona with a score of 4-0 at Anfield Stadium, thus Liverpool could get rid of Barcelona with an aggregate score of 4-3 for Liverpool’s advantage.

In the final Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur with a score of 0-2, Liverpool’s winning goals were scored by Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi.

That’s the six Champions League finals when Liverpool managed to become champions. You’ll Never Walk Alone.