September 27, 2022

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You, I Love: A Young Man Who Can’t Honestly Express His Love

For some people, it is not easy to be honest about how they feel when they are in love. Some of them choose to remain silent, others try to hide their love by showing an attitude that is contrary to their feelings. This also happened to a young man in the film “You, I Love“.

Film You, I Love tells the story of four people who have been friends since childhood, namely Rin Izumi (played by Sho Hirano), Yuu Haruna (played by Hinako Sakurai), Keita Fuji (played by Hayato Isomura), and Koyomi Sakashita (played by Tina Tamashiro). They live in the same apartment and attend the same school.

Rin actually had feelings for Yuu for a long time, but he could never be honest about his feelings, neither to Yuu nor to himself. He always said rude things to Yuu and kept trying to convince Yuu that the girl was poor and had many flaws, so Yuu never had self-confidence and resulted in him never daring to talk to other people.

Rin believes that her actions can keep Yuu away from the men who are after the girl. In fact, behind Yuu, Rin always blushed and felt happy when he was near Yuu. On the other hand, Yuu who is so innocent, thinks Rin is acting like this to teach himself not to be a bad person anymore.

Keita and Koyomi, knowing Rin’s feelings for Yuu, often remind Rin that her behavior is too cowardly, that it is better for Rin to tell Yuu her true feelings than there is no clarity in their relationship, that Rin should be nice to Yuu and express his affection in a way which is more reasonable. However, Rin never wanted to listen to them.

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Until one day, Yuu had to move house temporarily, because his own house was being renovated. In his new neighborhood, Yuu meets a young man named Kazuma Saeki (Kentaro Ito). Kazuma who was attracted to Yuu, was so sweet and kind to the girl. In fact, they often spend time together, because Yuu’s mother asks Kazuma, who attends a favorite high school and is famous for its smart students, to become Yuu’s private tutor.

Rin also began to show jealousy with the presence of other men around Yuu, especially Kazuma always provoked Rin’s anger and said that he was able to treat Yuu much better than Rin. From that day on, Rin tried hard to show that only she could have Yuu. What will Rin do to get Yuu? Watch the sequel in the movie You, I Love. Enjoy watching!