August 8, 2022

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Yogyakarta City Government Implements Curfew for Children Under 18 Years Old, Is It Effective?

The Yogyakarta City Government (Pemkot) will enforce a curfew for children under the age of 18. This rule is stated in Mayor Regulation Number 49 of 2022. This Mayor Regulation has also begun to be disseminated by the Yogyakarta City Government at the RT/RW level.

This regulation, besides being made to fulfill the target of the City of Yogyakarta to become a Child Friendly City as well, the imposition of this curfew is also to overcome the problems of children dealing with the law, as well as to overcome the problem of juvenile delinquency, an example of street crime which is often referred to as street crime. clich. The curfew is enforced every day from 22.00 to 04.00 WIB.

Juvenile delinquency problem

It is undeniable and perhaps it is common knowledge that the problem of juvenile delinquency is a problem that seems to have not yet found the right solution in Yogyakarta. This problem seems to be repeated, not infrequently even causing casualties.

There are many explanations and various factors regarding the problem of juvenile delinquency in Yogyakarta, problems such as street crime which is often referred to as clichis an example of one of the juvenile delinquency in Yogyakarta, the action clich This does not only occur in the City of Yogyakarta but also in other areas in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, for example in Sleman Regency.

Many of the perpetrators of juvenile delinquency are still active in school, it is ironic that Yogyakarta has the nickname as the City of Students but has problems regarding juvenile delinquency that seem to have no end.

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Family role

The role of the family is also very important in the success of the implementation of this curfew, it is hoped that with the role of the family, children or adolescents under the age of 18 can be directed to carry out positive activities, the family can also be the first bastion in terms of supervision, because it cannot be denied also that one of the factors of the occurrence of juvenile delinquency is the lack of attention and supervision from the family, lack of communication or communication problems occur between the family and the child.

This curfew rule can be an opportunity to be better in terms of supervising children and paying attention to children, without the role of the family, the curfew rules that have been made will be in vain, and will not work optimally.

Cooperation between officials and the community

The firmness of the apparatus and the participation of the community is also very influential in the enforcement of this curfew rule, the cooperation of the apparatus and the community will be able to create positive synergies, especially in the environment, this will be able to make maximum efforts to enforce the curfew that has been declared.

The apparatus must be more assertive in the application of the curfew rules, of course, what is meant is positive assertiveness and adapted to the conditions of the child, so as not to cause new problems, then the community is expected to be pro-active, especially in paying attention to and protecting the environment.

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This will have a positive impact if the cooperation between the apparatus and the community can be realized, it is hoped that this curfew can eliminate or at least reduce juvenile delinquency in Yogyakarta.

Benefits that can be taken

The rules for imposing a curfew imposed by the Yogyakarta City Government must be supported with maximum efforts and cooperation between all parties so that this rule can provide benefits that can be taken positively and can run effectively.

This regulation will have great and positive benefits, not only for the Yogyakarta City Government, but will be even wider if this regulation can be implemented effectively and properly, of course with cooperation between all parties.