May 30, 2023

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Worth Hurrying! These are 3 Bad Risks for the Body if You Delay Iftar

Breaking the fast is the time to look forward to when you have been hungry and thirsty all day. Hastening to break the fast is not just a suggestion. However, delaying or being late in breaking the fast can pose risks that are not good for the body, you know.

Delaying iftar, is usually experienced by people who can be busy or do activities that really shouldn’t be left behind. For that, you need to know the dangers that can arise as a result of always delaying iftar. Quoted from the page hellodoc, there are at least 3 risks that can happen to your body. There anything? Come on, take a good look, okay!

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1. The body is dehydrated

We know that during fasting, the body experiences a lack of fluids for approximately 12 hours. If you are still delaying iftar, then your body can become dehydrated and can cause the body to feel weak, dizzy and so on.

The danger of more severe dehydration can be life-threatening. For that immediately break the fast by consuming food and drink. Don’t delay any longer, ok!

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2. Decreased blood sugar levels

Delaying breaking the fast can cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. This is because when blood sugar levels fall, the cells also experience a lack of energy.

Normal blood sugar levels found in humans, the body will maintain blood sugar intake in the range of 70 to 110 milligrams/dL. So if the sugar level in the blood is not sufficient, it will also interfere with the function of other organs as well. So hurry up to break the fast, okay!

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3. Digestion is disturbed

Delaying breaking the fast, then get ready to feel if your digestion will be disturbed. The danger posed by delaying breaking the fast will result in some digestive disorders.

When fasting, your stomach will be left empty. If you delay breaking your fast, your stomach will empty longer which can cause stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and various other digestive problems.

Not only in the stomach that can cause problems, some digestive organs due to not hastening to break their fast, diseases such as intestinal irritation can arise due to messy eating patterns, problematic bowel movements and so on.

So, those were some of the dangers that can arise as a result of delaying breaking the fast. As a result of the habit of procrastinating, you can experience several diseases. So, hurry up to break your fast, okay!

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