July 2, 2022


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Woman Video Video of Husband Accidentally Hugging Sister Sleeping, Warganet Overthinking

When you sleep, your body becomes inactive. No wonder people who are fast asleep are not aware of their surroundings.

Recently there was a video of a wife videoing her husband accidentally hugging his sister. The video was re-uploaded by the sulthanreceh Instagram social media account.

“Wrong hug, even hug my sister wkwkwk,” written in the video as quoted by Yoursay.id, Tuesday (14/06/2022).

Video footage shows the husband of this woman sleeping. The husband sleeps next to his sister.

Unintentionally the husband who was asleep hugged his sister. The husband’s hand held his sister’s waist.

This woman is not jealous to see her husband accidentally hug his sleeping sister. He even laughed at that.

The woman then wakes her husband to make him aware if the wrong hug.

“Yang, that, that (says the sister’s name)” said this woman.

The husband who heard his wife’s words immediately woke up. He then removed his hand from his sister-in-law’s waist. He looked shocked, confused, and half conscious.

Overthinking netizen

The husband accidentally hugged his wife’s sister wrongly. (Instagram/ sulthanreceh)

Just uploaded a few hours ago, this video has already garnered 89 thousand views on Instagram reels. The video attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write their responses in the comments column of the upload.

Not a few netizens were made to overthink this unusual incident. Netizens are worried that the husband accidentally hugging his wife’s sister backfired.

“This story started when I didn’t realize I was hugging my sister-in-law….” commented one netizen.

“How can you sleep in the same bed?” another response.

“I’m afraid his sister is comfortable, okay?” added another.

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“This is what triggers the affair,” said another netizen.

There were also netizens who wondered why the woman was even relaxed about this incident.

“His wife is very positive,” netizen comments.

“His wife is laughing again,” said another.

“Why are you even laughing, sis? If I’m the scary one, I salute you, positive thinking,” another said.

“The wife is laughing again, this is the end of the episode: sleep with my sister in law,” another netizen said.