December 2, 2022

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Woman Regrets White Injections After 2.5 Years, Reds Appears on the Skin

Beautiful women are white women. It is a sentence that describes the standard of female beauty in Indonesia.

As a result, many Indonesian women do everything they can to whiten their skin color. Recently, a video went viral on social media of a woman who confessed that she regretted having white injections.

The video from the woman named Vira was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account again.viral. Vira, in her video recording, shows her red skin due to the effects of white injections after 2.5 years. Vira was even diagnosed by a doctor with autoimmune symptoms.

Initially, he had white injections in late 2016 until early 2018. He admitted that he had white injections at a beauty clinic every two weeks at a price of IDR 700 thousand.

“From month 10 and month 1 there are more and more symptoms of discomfort in the body. Severe hair loss, persistent rashes, shortness of breath, and frequent sore throats. It’s easy to get a little tired. It’s only been 1 month,” said Vira as quoted by, Wednesday (22/06/2022).

Vira during the white injection does not drink collagen and maintains a healthy lifestyle according to the doctor’s recommendations. In addition to the white injection, Vira also did a chromosome injection.

“I’ve been infused dozens of times and had tried the chromosome which my doctor said was better, only 3 times. Oh yeah, please don’t be blasphemed because I’m just sharing my experience,” said Vira.

Long Term Effects of White Injection

This woman has autoimmune symptoms. (Instagram/ again.viral)

Quoting the statement of dr. Indah Gems, Sp. KK from his TikTok video upload, white injection is not recommended because it changes skin pigment. Bleach injection used for white injection until now has no BPOM label.

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“There are no whitening injections that have a BPOM label because to date there are no studies that support the safety and effectiveness of whitening injections,” said dr. Indah Gems, Sp. KK.

Vira’s video about the long-term effects of the white injection she experienced drew various comments from netizens.

“Moral message: be grateful for what it is, life is a gift,” netizen’s response.

“Thank you, Ms. for sharing the information, there are no more white injections or changing what Allah has created,” another word.

“Thanks God, I’m beautiful as I am, given by God,” another said.

“I was just about to take a white infusion, but when you watch this video, you think 10 times,” other netizens comment.