December 1, 2022

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Woman Admits This Police Wife Is Insinuating Behind Najwa Shihab’s Statement: Still Must Be Grumpy

Some time ago on his YouTube channel Najwa Shihab with Jovial da Lopez and Andovi da Lopez talked about Police Fashion Week. The journalist, who is known to speak out loudly about public aspirations, touched on the police officers and their families who have a luxurious lifestyle.

“So, in connection with the hectic Sambo case, people also see that the police are often not ashamed and reluctant to show luxury or a hedonistic lifestyle,” said presenter Najwa Shihab as quoted by, Sunday (18/09/2022).

He also satirized the family of police officers who did not hesitate to show off their luxury.

“There is a police chief’s wife who is not ashamed to show off her photos on Instagram while riding a bicycle for Rp. 300 million,” he said.

Najwa Shihab’s statement was countered by a woman who claimed to be the wife of a police officer. The Instagram social media account insta.nyinyir re-shared the woman’s satire video to Najwa Shihab.

“A police wife can’t be hedonistic, she has to be tattered, she can’t wear an expensive bag, even if you were born into a rich family, you still have to be clumsy,” he wrote, starting the video.

Satire Behind Najwa Shihab’s Statement

This woman is sarcasm behind Najwa Shihab. (Instagram/ insta.nyinyir)

The expression of the woman wearing this branded tote bag seemed as if she had just heard those words. He then acted apologetic by placing both hands in front of his chest.

“Yes, I’m sorry, Mbak Jaja Friend. We can’t have a business, we can’t be successful and rich. Sorry, Ms. I’m the only one who can be rich in this country, others can’t,” he said.

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This woman then said that the branded bag she was wearing was bought at Pasar Gembrong. He then replaced his branded bag with a shopping bag and a cloth tote bag.

“Maybe Mbak Jaja Friend meant this, huh. Tomorrow we’ll just use a crackle bag,” he explained.

The satire video of the woman who claimed to be the wife of the police to Najwa Shibab drew comments from netizens.

“I’m going to cry a lot,” netizen comments.

“Even if you don’t feel it, it’s better to just keep quiet,” another opinion.

“Ma’am, that’s not the concept, it’s tacky, sis,” said another.

“I want you to go viral,” other netizens’ comments.