December 1, 2022

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Will Shin Tae-yong Surprise for the Second National Team vs Curacao Match?

The Indonesian national team is threatened not to be strengthened by its flagship players such as Dimas Drajad, Asnawi Mangkualam and Ricky Kambuaya. This issue needs to be explored further. Because, what is called “threatened” is something that hasn’t happened yet. It could be that Shin Tae-yong saw their condition, considered and made a decision. Whatever the decision, it was for the best.

If Dimas, Asnawi and Ricky are absent tonight, one of the surprises that might be implemented is rotation starting line-up and players. And this is what we are waiting for. What a surprise he will do tonight.

The Indonesian national team will again duel with Curacao in the FIFA Matchday volume II event. This match will take place on Tuesday, 27/09/2022 at Pakansari Stadium.

In the first match, made by Shin Tae-yong was surprisingly able to tame the Curacao children with a score of 3:2. Will the Garuda Indonesia team win again tonight?

Because, Curacao clearly did not want to just stand by for the defeat in the first volume. The two teams are clearly going to beat each other. For Indonesia, victory is a fixed price. Playing in front of his own public, of course he did not want to disappoint his supporters. Even for the sake of improving FIFA rankings.

But on the other hand, Curacao also did not lose. Coming to visit Indonesia’s headquarters with two consecutive defeats is the moral damage they don’t want. Even for the sake of securing his FIFA ranking so as not to go down. And it will be a shame for Curacao if they lose to Indonesia, which in reality scares Curacao from the FIFA ranking sector.

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What we should do later is the Indonesian defense line. Curacao is quick to attack. Good ball control and often dangerous. This is what we will look forward to. Can Shin Tae-yong have learned and learned lessons in the first match. And what surprises will coach Shin present tonight?

It’s not impossible, Curacao will be fiercer than yesterday. However, it is not impossible that the Indonesian national team will be more aggressive than the first match.

Let’s see. Will Shin Tae-yong surprise you, beating 84th in a row for the second time?