October 1, 2022


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Wilbengers Are No Longer BTS Fans, Turns Out To Be Fans Of This Boy Group

On June 9, 2022, artist Sam Hammington made a guest appearance on SBS’s radio broadcast Kim Young Chul’s Power FM. Quote from AllkpopSam Hammington shares his stories and experiences about him and his two sons William and Bentley Hammington, better known as Wilbengers, as characters in the superhero animated film ‘Wilbengers: Suspicious Camping Commotion’.

The animated children’s film will hit theaters across Korea on June 23, 2022. The film features 3D animation of William and Bentley Hammington’s characters, including their father Sam Hammington also participating in the animated film.

In the animated film, William and Bentley who have a dream to become a superhero will go on a camping trip with their father, Sam Hammington.

On the camping trip they will meet a girl named Miho, who can turn into a nine-tailed fox.

Sam revealed, “I think that’s not a bad idea. However, William and Bentley don’t have voice-over skills, so I’m the only one who voices my own character.”

Professional voice actors will voice William and Bentley’s characters in the film. So the voiceover is not easy. It’s really hard to match the lip movements and also make a lot of sound effects,” he continued.

At the end of the radio broadcast, Sam Hammington chose a song from BTS, and said that William and Bentley are big fans of BTS.

William and Bentley really like RM from BTS. However, recently, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan came to visit our house. William and Bentley played with him, and I think they like Bang Chan, because now they’re moving from BTS fans to Stray Kids fans‘ Sam said jokingly.

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Sam continued, “I know Bang Chan is also from Australia, and one of the other Stray Kids members, Felix is ​​also from Australia. So kids are now learning the lyrics of Stray Kids songs these days.”

Hearing this statement, DJ Kim Young Chul commented, “Children will definitely feel more familiar with fellow Australians.”

That was the latest news from William and Bentley Hammington, who now turn out to be enjoying Stray Kids songs.