September 26, 2022

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Wife Willing Husband to Date with Another Girl, Public Cancels Emotions Seeing This Figure

Usually the wife will be jealous if she finds out her husband is going out with another girl. However, because the husband had a date with this figure, the wife just let it go.

Recently, many wives are willing to let their husbands date other girls without being jealous. The moment the husband prepared himself to go on a date with a girl was uploaded by the owner of TikTok __alwaysdaydreaming.

The video was re-uploaded to the parenting_teladan Instagram account. Video footage shows a husband preparing to go on a date witnessed by his wife. The husband looked well-groomed.

“Someone wants to go on a date with another girl,” written in the video as quoted by, Monday (8/8/2022).

He wore a blue suit. After finishing dressing, the husband then took a bouquet of flowers. Later, the bouquet will be given to the girl who is dating him. The husband then picked up this other girl.

Who would have thought, the other girl who was meant as a friend to date her husband was the princess. Her daughter looks already dressed up in a princess-like dress.

The color of the dress used by the father and son is compact, namely blue. The princess seemed happy to be given by her father a bouquet of flowers.

The princess who was like a princess opened the car door by her father. They then went on a date together.

Dating with Daughter

The husband turned out to be on a date with his daughter. (Instagram/ parenting_teladan)

This father and son chose to go on a date by buying food at a fast food restaurant on a drive thru basis. So far, the video has received 17.4 thousand likes from netizens.

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The comments column for the video upload was flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“I already have a feeling, I definitely want to go on a date with her husband’s biological mother, when I see the princess, right?” a netizen commented.

“This is like my husband, he often takes his children to go with him alone, his mother can’t come with him,” said another.

“It’s a big loss if he’s the same as his mother,” another said.

“Very funny, but why use the fairy godmother’s wand?” another word.

“Anyway, if a child grows up, he has a future husband, he must mirror his father’s treatment of his child,” other netizens’ comments.