August 8, 2022

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Why Is Summer in Japan So Terrible?

Summer is synonymous with a festive, cheerful, and happy atmosphere. In this holiday season, many people do outdoor activities. Vacation spots, such as beaches, mountains and others are crowded with visitors. But, in Japan, summer is one of the scary seasons. The Japanese believe that summer is the time for spirits, ghosts, and other scary creatures to appear. Adapted from the website Tsunagu.japanthis is the reason why summer in Japan is scary.

Arrival of Ancestral Spirits at Obon Celebration

One of the reasons why summer in Japan is scary is the many ghost-themed festivals and celebrations that take place. One of the ghost-themed festivals held in the summer is Obon Celebration.

This celebration is one of many important celebrations in Japan. The event was held for three consecutive days in August. During this celebration, families will make pilgrimages to the tombs of ancestors and relatives who have passed away. They cleaned the graves and gave flowers.

Traditionally, during Obon celebrations it is believed that the spirits of the dead will return to the world and meet their families. This belief becomes a scary thing during the summer. However, not all the spirits who come are evil spirits (Onryo), there are also good spirits (Muenbotoe) which brings good. What is feared during this celebration is the emergence Onryo who wants to take revenge on them for hurting them.

The Ghost of Kaidan Appears, A Japanese Ghost Story That Helps Cope With The Heat

Kaidan is a ghost entity that is said to always appear to overcome the hot air. Long ago, before air conditioning and fans were invented, in the summer an evil spirit brought chills down the spine. This belief spread during the Edo period, but there are still many who believe in it today.

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This belief began when the samurai gathered to perform Hyakumonogatarii.e. getting together to tell a terrifying story. Hyakumonogatari also known as a way to test the courage of the samurai. In this activity, they will attract supernatural spirits into the world while lighting 100 candles or lanterns. For each story completed, one candle will be extinguished. When all the candles went out, these samurai would wait to see if a spirit would come to visit them. However, sometimes the spirits appear before all the 100 stories have been told.

Scary Traditional Japanese Performances During Summer

Kabuki, a traditional Japanese performance is referred to as a show that adopts the practice of scary drama performances in the height of summer. The show which is also called Suzumi Shibai This is another way to cool down in the peak summer season.

In addition, there is also Rakugo, which is known for the art of traditional Japanese storytelling Kaidan which are called Kaidan Banashi. In this show featuring stories yurei (a wandering spirit) that gives the audience goosebumps. These shows are usually held throughout the summer.