August 8, 2022

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Why Do Cats Like to Perch on High Places?

If you’ve ever walked into your house, and found your cat perched on top of a cupboard, bookshelf, or other high place, you’ve probably wondered, what is he really doing?

Relax, you are not alone. We all know, there are many strange cat behaviors that are not easy to explain. However, perching behavior on high places is a very common behavior that occurs in cats.

Adapted from the page The Spruce Pets, This kind of behavior occurs because cats have an instinctive need to observe their world and so need to be at a high point.

Moreover, they are predators of mice, birds, rabbits or other small animals. So, they need a vantage point that has the potential to stalk prey.

In theory, it’s possible to catch a mouse or something. Moreover, their ancestors lived in forests and jungles, so they often lived in branches and leaves which were used as camouflage places.

Their penchant for being in high places, however, has a number of reasons, as well as why they are on top of the refrigerator.

Their place seems to be a symbol of the cat’s status even though he is sometimes considered the dominant cat. But on the other hand, it helps prevent conflicts between cats because each cat has its own ‘favorite’ place.

That’s why, as cat keepers, sometimes we need to create a vertical space that is used as a place for them to perch. But you don’t have to worry. There are many easy and affordable ways to provide this vertical space:

  1. Consider making a cat climbing pole that you can adjust to the size of your house
  2. Install a shelf on the wall where the cat can jump from one shelf to another. Of course, you don’t put things on the shelf
  3. Add a perch by the window if he likes to be there.
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Make sure if you put the shelf on a wall or window by covering it with a non-slip cloth. Even make sure your cat doesn’t go out carelessly. Well, that’s the reason why cats like to be in high places. Hopefully useful and increase knowledge, yes.