March 21, 2023

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White Card Unique Facts in the World of Football, Did You Know?

On Saturday, January 21, a new history was created in the world of football. At that time, the referee in the final match of the Portuguese women’s league cup between Sporting Lisbon and Portugal, namely Catarina Campos, issued a white card to the medical team.

The white card was issued in the 44th minute after medical workers managed to help a supporter who had fainted on the sidelines.

This event is a new history in the world of football. So it’s not surprising that many people questioned the referee’s decision. If you are one of those who are curious about this decision, let’s see this article until it’s finished.

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The meaning of the white card

Different from a yellow card or red card, which is where the card is issued to a player who commits negative actions on a green field. White cards are actually given to players or staff who have taken positive actions.

One example is the medical staff in the final match of the Portuguese women’s league cup who managed to help a supporter who had fainted. So the white card is to give appreciation to players and staff, not punishment.

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The history of white card decisions

The white card itself was just issued at the initiative of the Portuguese National Sports Ethics Institute to support players and staff to act in fair play on the field. Then the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) decided to adopt the initiative into a new regulation.

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However, these regulations are only used in competitions that are shaded by the FPF. Because the rules regarding the white card have not been recorded in FIFA’s Laws of the Game.

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Proposed use of the previous white card

Long before referee Catarina Campos issued a white card, former UEFA president Michel Platini had proposed regulations on white cards. In 2014 Platini issued the proposal which aims to punish players who protest excessively to the referee.

The penalty for the white card proposed by Platini is that the players are banned from playing for 10 minutes. But unfortunately Platini’s proposal was not supported by many UEFA members and the proposal was not realized.

Those are some of the facts behind the issuance of a white card which has become a new history in the world of football. What do you think? Is it appropriate that the white card rule is also implemented by FIFA?

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