September 27, 2022

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While in the military, Chanyeol’s sweetness sends a food truck to support Korean drama DO EXO

The sweet friendship between EXO members, namely Chanyeol and DO Although currently undergoing military service, Chanyeol still shows his support for his teammate, DO EXO.

Quote from soompi on Tuesday (14/6/2022), EXO’s Chanyeol successfully made EXO fans feel warm when he sent his support for DO on the set of his latest drama.

On June 13, 2022, party Yoon Truckcompanies that provide service provision food trucks this is sharing photo food trucks sent by Chanyeol to support DO and the crew of the drama ‘Prosecutor Jin’s Victory’ on the set.

Chanyeol sent food truck in the form of churros and coffee to encourage DO while filming his new drama.

Based on posts uploaded by parties food truckChanyeol wrote a message on banners as follows, “I support all the actors and staff of the drama ‘Prosecutor Jin’s Victory’. Passion for shooting, Kyungsoo (DO’s real name).”

In banners another Chanyeol also wrote a message, “For the cast and crew struggling under the hot sun, please enjoy the food and drink, and also please take care of Kyungsoo. Spirit!

Besides that, Chanyeol also decorates stickers and cup sleeve with the inscription ‘Cheers, Kyungsoo! from Chanyeol‘.

The fans who saw this interaction felt happy and touched by the bonds of friendship of the EXO members, and hoped that there would be more interactions between the two even though both of them were busy with their respective tasks and jobs.

The latest KBS Korean drama ‘Prosecutor Jin’s Victory’ tells the story of a prosecutor named Jin Jung (DO EXO) who has bad manners.

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Jung Jin destroyed the holy places created by wealth and power, and he even destroyed the greedy people who lived in those holy places.

Jin Jung uses methods that are wise over conventional, and tricks over standard procedures, as well as mischief over sincerity to stop corrupt authorities from corrupting society.

With a refreshing sense of justice, this drama will make viewers forget the frustrating realities of life.

The Korean drama ‘Prosecutor Jin’s Victory’ will premiere in the second half of 2022.