August 14, 2022

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When Spring Comes: When the Funeral Ceremony Causes a Big Trouble

When someone dies, family members, relatives, friends and people who have been in contact with him are definitely moved to pay their last respects. Not only that, out of respect for those who have died, those present will show a good attitude and guard themselves from anything that can create an unpleasant impression for the family or even for the other attendees. However, what would happen if the death ceremony which was supposed to be a solemn ceremony to release the corpse, turned out to be the beginning of an event filled with tension and protracted? It must be very unusual, right? However, that’s exactly what happened to the movie When Spring Comes this South Korean production

Released on April 27, 2022, this 102-minute film tells the story of a gangster family’s funeral procession which ends in various conflicts. Ho Sung (played by Son Hyun Joo) is a former high-ranking officer and also a powerful figure in a criminal organization in South Korea. After languishing for 8 years in prison, Ho Sung was finally released and returned home to be with his family.

At home, Ho Sung again has to meet with Jong Sung (played by Park Hyuk Kwon), his younger brother who has been known as a troublemaker and trouble in the family. Meanwhile, the daughter, En Ok (played by Sojin) and the son, Dong Hyeok (played by Jeong Ji Hwan), are embarrassed because they have a father who is a former criminal.

In order to support his family, Ho Sung, who had just been released from prison, had to think hard about running a new business. But unfortunately, because he doesn’t have any savings, Ho Sung has a problem with funding. Until finally, an unnatural thought came to his head. To be able to run his new business, Ho Sung plans to collect condolences from the guests who attended his father’s funeral. However, of course it can not run smoothly. In addition to having to deal with disagreements with fellow family members, two rival gangs who brought each other down, were also present at Ho Wung’s funeral, at the same time. And can you guess how it goes?

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Yes, of course the presence of two rival gangs will cause friction that interferes with the solemnity of the father’s funeral ceremony. And to make matters worse, the friction dragged on, making the police have to intervene. Want to know how this conflict will end? we see together in the movie When The Spring Comes come on!