December 1, 2022

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What a shame! Selling HP through Facebook Groups, Residents’ Fate Even Ended Up Because of This

Recently, a resident in Pekalongan was reported to have experienced an unpleasant incident, namely being a victim of fraud from Facebook. Fraud is carried out by someone who buys his cellphone.

Instead of getting a profit from selling, from selling cellphones, these residents actually get counterfeit money. Even though the cellphone should be worth Rp. 1.1 million.

The incident was also spread through a video that recorded the moment when residents showed counterfeit money. The video, which is now viral, can be seen via the upload to the Instagram account @pekalonganinfo on Saturday (24/9/22).

“Be careful when making buying and selling transactions,” wrote the video uploader account as quoted on Saturday (24/9/2022).

Chronology of selling cellphones, even getting fake money

In the video, you can see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the residents got. The resident compared the fake money he got with the real money.

When checked, the counterfeit money can even be peeled off. In addition, the serial numbers of the counterfeit money he got were all the same.

Based on the information uploaded by the video uploading account, the chronology of the incident began when the resident sold his cellphone through the Facebook Buying and Selling Group.

Not long after, there was a buyer who wanted to buy the cellphone. The two people then made a transaction using cash on delivery (COD) in front of the Sipait Mosque, Siwalan.

Unfortunately, after checking using a UV light money detector, it turned out that all the money from selling the cellphones was counterfeit money.

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“Buyers with WhatsApp number 088221399432, If anyone knows the owner of the number, please DM us,” said the video uploader account.

Public Comment

The video of a poor resident immediately went viral. Until now, the video has been watched more than 57 thousand views.

Dozens of comments flooded this upload. In his comments, netizens suggested to be more vigilant when making buying and selling transactions. Especially nowadays, it would be better if you use a digital payment application.

“Must be more vigilant, especially for people who are old. Sometimes they are often deceived by counterfeit money,” said one netizen.

“The era of saiki fraudsters is smarter than the cheated,” added one netizen.

“That’s why it’s better now to make transactions electronically,” another netizen said.

“Just a suggestion, if COD is a cellphone or an item that is expensive, it’s better to go directly to the house that has it. If he doesn’t want it, then he doesn’t have to,” continued another netizen.

“In modern times, it is time to use digital pay such as DANA, OVO, GoPay, Brimo, and others,” another netizen account added. (AUTHOR/DITA ALVIANASARI)