September 27, 2022

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What a shame! Just Sitting in the Cafe Chair This Girl Even Falls, Warganet: Mleyot

Bad luck can be experienced by anyone and anywhere. Being affected by bad luck is certainly not a pleasant thing, especially when it happens in a public place.

This is what happened to a girl. In the video uploaded to the sulthanreceh Instagram account, it shows two girls hanging out in a cafe.

They chose to sit at a table containing two chairs. For some reason, the girl wearing beige pants moved a chair.

He pulled out a chair to place it near his hangout table. Meanwhile, the friend was seen already sitting there.

This girl wearing beige pants casually sat on the chair that she had just taken. However, he actually had to experience apes.

When the girl sat down, the back leg of the chair suddenly bent. The legs of the chair which were originally straight are bent backwards.

As a result, making the girl who had just sat down fell backwards. This girl looked shocked and in pain after falling backwards from the cafe chair.

Friends who are fun to play with cell phone and not noticing him sitting was taken aback too. The girl who had fallen backwards immediately stood up.

Concussion of the Legs of the Chair at the Crooked Cafe

This girl fell from the cafe chair she had just sat on. (Instagram/ sulthanreceh)

He then lifted the chair he was sitting on just now. He checked the leg of the chair which was bent so that it made him fall.

Unfortunately, no further information was shared regarding the condition of the girl who fell from the cafe chair. Just a few hours of uploading, the video of the girl falling backwards has already gotten 221,000 views on the reels and 11.1 thousand likes.

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The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it. The response of netizens was funny, some said that the chair had not drunk milk, it made the legs porous.

There are also netizens who think that this type of chair is easily damaged, just like his at home.

“Says he has gained weight, is he angry or not,” commented one netizen.

“The chair never drinks online milk, so his legs are porous,” another response.

“Ma’am is beautiful so the chair is wobbly,” said another.

“The chair is like: limp, besti hasn’t been encouraged by my brother,” another word.

“The chair is easily damaged, indeed at home it has been damaged 2,” another netizen said.