October 1, 2022


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WeTV Releases Poster of Chinese Drama The Shadow, Played by Winwin WayV

Can’t wait! Account official WeTV on Twitter has released the latest poster for the Chinese drama ‘The Shadow’ on June 21, 2022. The poster features the four main characters, Gao Weiguang, Ouyang Nana, Winwin WayV, and Ren Shihao who look charming in their clothes. magician look.

‘The Shadow’ is a Chinese drama that elevates genre fantasy romance. Adapted from the page Douban, the drama ‘The Shadow’ tells the story of a man and celebrity named Shen Zhiheng during the Republic of China. In addition, it will also follow a character named Milan.

Milan is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has been blind since childhood. One night he had to face a scary night. Unexpectedly, Milan saw a light that caused the destruction of Shen Zhiheng’s immortal life.

Shen Zhiheng will be played by Gao Weiguang. The character of Milan will be played by the ‘Secret Fruit’ actor Ouyang Nana. Meanwhile, Winwin and Ren Shihao will play the characters of Situ William and Li Yingliang, respectively.

The drama ‘The Shadow’ is produced by director Li Muge and Wang Hong as scriptwriters. ‘The Shadow’ is planned to be released with a total of 24 episodes.

Regarding the broadcast schedule for ‘The Shadow’, there is still no official announcement from WeTV as the platform that will broadcast the drama. However, through the same post as the poster’s release, WeTV revealed that the drama ‘The Shadow’ was included in the drama schedule to be aired this year.

The drama ‘The Shadow’ will be Winwin WayV’s debut drama as an actor. Winwin or the owner of the real name Dong Sicheng is known as one of the members boy group NCT. Vocal line The NCT is active in several NCT units, such as WayV, NCT 127, and NCT U.

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Not only active as a singer and actor, recently Winwin also appeared in variety shows ‘The Star Chasers’. Footage of Winwin driving in variety shows It has become a topic of conversation among fans.

Regarding Winwin’s second drama, a fan account on Twitter @gaeshenv informed that Winwin will currently play a role in a web drama entitled ’25 Hours of Love’. Information obtained through the Weibo platform, it was stated that Winwin had been shooting the film since June 18.

Who can’t wait for Winwin WayV’s acting debut?