September 27, 2022

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Weight Gain, Fans and Netizens Admit Liz IVE is getting more adorable

Adapted via Allkpop, IVE is entering their period of rest after wrapping up promotions with ‘LOVE DIVE’. Recently, a girl group consisting of Yujin, Wonyoung, Gaeul, Liz, Rei, and Leeseo gave fans the latest news through vlog video content uploaded on the official YouTube channel IVE.

In particular, member Liz is gaining attention from fans when she exudes a different aura. In a vlog uploaded earlier this month, the members are seen in their dormitory wearing comfortable clothes and packing their bags to leave for Frankfurt, Germany.

The members were seen talking to each other and sharing with fans what they needed to pack. During the conversation, Liz caught the eye with a much cuter visual. Liz seems to have gained some weight as her cheeks look much plumper than before.

After seeing Liz’s new appearance, many fans and netizens praised her cheeks and nicknamed her as an adorable squirrel. Reported through the Insight page, here are some comments given by Korean netizens:

“He’s still a baby.”

“Her cheeks are so cute.”

“Don’t lose weight, you look so cute.”

“He is only 19 years old, it is natural to have baby fat, naturally lose weight later.”

“Her cheeks are so adorable, like dumplings.”

“He’s like a squirrel.”

“He looks better with fuller cheeks.”

“He’s so adorable.”

“She looks like a baby. She is so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, ‘LOVE DIVE’ is IVE’s newest work. The album’LOVE DIVE’ was released on April 5, 2022 along with the release of the music video for the title song “Love Dive”. In the “Love Dive” music video, the 6 IVE members showed the feminine side and the feel of the goddess of love. The background of the music video that looks majestic looks dynamic with the elegant background music and gives the feel of a goddess in love. To date, the music video for “Love Dive” has been viewed 101 million times on YouTube.

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With the album ‘LOVE DIVE’, IVE managed to make various impressive achievements. According to Hanteo chart, IVE’s second single album sold 338,141 copies within a week of its release (April 5 to 11). This number surpassed IVE’s previous first week sales record of 152,229 copies with their debut single album ‘ELEVEN.’

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