September 28, 2022

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Warning! The attitude of a girl like this turns out to be hated by guys, you know

One of the keys to a lasting love relationship is mutual understanding. A good understanding between each other will make the relationship live comfortably, because you and he will take care of each other so that it doesn’t hurt.

One of the reasons a guy’s feelings can change is that you often do things he hates. The resentment that has been buried all this time, finally accumulates, makes him angry or worse, feels that you are not the right partner for him.

So, so that bad things don’t happen, it’s a good idea to identify the attitudes of girls that guys hate so you can avoid them. Let’s see!

1. Frequent gossip

The first attitude that men often hate is the habit of gossiping or talking about other people’s ugliness. To him, this kind of behavior is not only a waste of time, it also reflects disgraceful behavior, and it can make your guy disappointed.

Instead of getting a girl who has good morals, what she gets is a girl who likes to expose disgrace. Not infrequently that’s what makes him think again to make you his girlfriend.

2. Complaining

Another attitude that guys don’t like, is the habit of complaining. Every time we meet someone complains. Meeting you instead of hoping to improve mood, even spoiled his mood. Constantly hearing complaints can make you mentally tired, you know.

3. Blind jealousy

Do you often accuse your boyfriend of playing crazy? Be careful, it’s easy to make accusations like that without evidence can make a guy sick, you know. Especially if he’s a nice guy. Being accused like that can hurt his self-esteem, because it is considered that you don’t consider him to have integrity.

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4. Comparing him to other guys

Admiration for someone is natural. What your guy hates, when your admiration has reached the stage of comparison. Such an attitude has hurt his self-esteem, you know.

Try to be in her position, compared to other girls. Doesn’t it make your heart warm? So, don’t compare your boyfriend anymore, okay?

That’s a series of girl attitudes that make boys hate. From now on it is discontinued, yes. For the sake of a lasting love relationship!