December 2, 2022

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Want Your Garden Yield Abundant? Let’s Try the Intercropping Technique

Lately, the trend for gardening at home or what we are familiar with is urban farming increasing number of fans. Present as a new lifestyle of urban communities, urban farming does not require large land for plant cultivation. Enough land around the house with planting places such as used wooden boxes, polybags, used gallons, plastic cups, and other used containers, we can enjoy the results to meet our life needs. Some of the commodities that can be cultivated for urban farming including chilies, green onions, shallots and garlic, eggplant, tomatoes, mustard greens, spinach, kale, green beans, long beans, winged bean, cucumber and many more. These commodities are commonly consumed by us on a daily basis and also do not require large areas of land to plant them.

One way that can be done to increase yields from our gardens is by intercropping. Intercropping is a plant cultivation technique by combining two or more plants that are mutually beneficial to each other. Some of the benefits that will be obtained include increasing crop yields, reducing where weeds grow, preventing certain pest attacks, using fertilizer more efficiently, using land more efficiently, and harvesting can be done continuously due to differences in harvest age. The combination of the following plants turns out to be “matched”, let’s see!

1. Red Chili and Shallot

Onion and Chili Illustration (

These two commodities, of course, must be present in our kitchens, it would be wonderful if when we needed them we could immediately pick them in the garden. According to several studies that have been carried out, it turns out that the combination of the two can increase higher yields than planting separately. The presence of the smell of scallions can repel pests that attack red chilies, as well as the presence of red chilies that provide shade for onions. The method of planting is when the chili plants reach a height of 20 cm, you can start planting onion bulbs for planting re-grow around chili plants. Make sure the container you use is sufficient for both.

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2. Cayenne Pepper and Shallots

Illustration of Cayenne Pepper and Scallion (
Illustration of Cayenne Pepper and Scallion (

Not only collaborated on a mortar, it turns out that the combination of both plantings can also increase crop yields. Cayenne pepper seedlings that are 21 days old are transplanted, then 7 days after transplanting the cayenne peppers are planted with leaves that have been cut off at the ends. A good spacing between cayenne pepper and leek is 15 cm x 15 cm.

3. Tomato and Mustard

Mustard and Tomato Illustration (
Mustard and Tomato Illustration (

Tomatoes and mustard greens can be combined in one planting container. Planting mustard plants of any type and combined with tomatoes can reduce the attack of cabbage caterpillars that usually attack mustard greens. This is because the tomatoes will emit an aroma that interferes with the sense of smell of the caterpillar so that the caterpillars do not attack the mustard plant. The way of planting is, 14-day-old mustard from the nursery is moved around the tomato plant.

4. Eggplant and Long Beans

Chickpeas and Long Beans (
Chickpeas and Long Beans (

Usually meet on a plate of fresh vegetables, it turns out that eggplant and long beans can also be combined in the field. The presence of long beans can increase the presence of nutrients needed by eggplant so that eggplant yields can increase. The aroma released by the eggplant also serves to repel pests that will attack the long beans. The method of planting is eggplant plants that are 21 days old after transplanting the seedlings in a container, and long bean seeds can surround the eggplant plant or be planted with a distance of 15 cm.

So, those are some combinations of intercropping plants that you can try so that your garden yields increase. Good luck !

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