August 8, 2022

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Want to Write Smoother and Barrier Free? Try These 5 Ways!

Do you often get stuck while writing? Sometimes we have intended to write something but suddenly it gets stuck and ends up not being done. This is something that usually happens, like a computer that lag without a reason, indeed a writer can also experience interference so that it hinders the writing process.

So, what can be used to overcome this disorder? If the computer canrefresh, of course we can too. Check out the following review!

1. Fix Mood

The first step if you want to write barrier-free is to improve mood, mood A good one can be your main weapon so that you can write well too.

Mood not the same as intention, sometimes we have the intention but it’s still hard to put words together. That means we’re not in mood the good one.

2. Drinks and Snacks

Writing is also a tiring job, you know, don’t forget to prepare drinks and snacks at your desk so if at any time when you’re thirsty and hungry, there’s already a block there. You also don’t need to waste time just to take the food and drink.

3. Equipment

Don’t forget to prepare the equipment needed, make sure everything is in good condition and ready to use when you will use it. Equipment that error suddenly or you forget one of them can make mood writing is so annoying.

4. Materials and Sources

What is certain is that you should not forget to prepare the materials you will write and the resources needed, why is this important? When you start writing, there is only a process of embodiment of the contents of your thoughts in a writing, if you are still thinking about what you are going to write, your writing process may be hampered.

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5. Favorite Music

Well, for those of you who like to write accompanied by music, it’s really okay to make playlists which can be directly played to provoke the emergence of ideas. Try to make playlists so that you don’t run out of time just looking for songs.

Those are 5 ways that can make your writing process smooth and hassle-free, good luck!