December 2, 2022

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Want to Sell on Facebook Marketplace? Don’t Sell These 6 Items!

For some people who open their own businesses and businesses, Facebook Marketplace is one of the options used to peddle their products. However, did you know? This platform has regulations that prohibit certain products from being sold here.

Even though they are both marketplaces, there are some products that can be sold in other marketplaces, but cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace. What products are they? Read the full description here, yes!

1. Not Real Items/Not Physical Items

On Facebook Marketplace you can’t sell non-physical goods, such as services. So, this marketplace is not suitable for those of you who want to offer products, services or other non-physical objects.

2. Service or Event Ticket

The second product that you can’t sell through Facebook Marketplace is services or Event Tickets, such as: concert tickets, movie tickets, or sports tickets.

However, you can still sell this product outside of the Facebook Marketplace, right? So, adjust the product you want to sell with the right place to sell it. You may only sell services or event tickets on the marketplace with written permission from Facebook.

3. Mismatched Descriptions and Photos

Just like other marketplaces, if you want your products to sell quickly, you have to choose attractive product photos with appropriate supporting descriptions. Avoid product descriptions and photos that don’t match or don’t match. Because this can affect the assessment of your shop.

4. Selling/Adopting Animals

The next point is do not sell or offer to adopt animals through this one site. Because selling and adopting animals is part of a non-physical product which is certainly prohibited by Facebook.

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5. Health Goods/Products

Even though it has physical products, it turns out that Facebook Marketplace prohibits its users from selling health goods and products. For example, selling thermometers, first aid kits, etc.

6. Before and After After Using Certain Products

The last thing that is prohibited on Facebook Marketplace is displaying the before and after of certain products, for example: beauty products, weight loss, etc.

Here are 6 products that shouldn’t be sold on Facebook Marketplace. I hope this helps.