October 6, 2022


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Want to go to the Servant of Satan 2 Flats? Just Take Public Transportation, Here’s the Route!

Rapi Films’ horror film, Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion, has been showing in Indonesian cinemas since August 4, 2022. Sequel to reboot The film of the same title, which was released in 2017, has already set several records, including the second Indonesian-language film that managed to reach 1 million ticket sales in theaters in just 2 days of showing. In addition to the high enthusiasm of the audience, another highlight that has become a concern is the selection of the filming location which is the main setting for the screening of the film Pengabdi Setan 2.

Joko Anwar as director Servant of Satan 2: Communion chose an abandoned flat in the Sumber Arta area, Bekasi City, West Java as the shooting location for most of the film’s scenes. Quotes spy, Joko Anwar and his team had to find several flats in suitable locations, spread from Jakarta to Bandung. After 4 months of not finding the right location, Joko Anwar asked netizens for help. For his services, netizens who helped Joko Anwar and his team will have their names listed on Facebook credit title this movie.

Meanwhile, quoted from Suara.com, it is known that these abandoned flats were originally part of the 1,000-owned simple flats project (rusunami) initiated by the Ministry of Public Housing during the presidential era of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). Flats that were built in 2007 stalled in 2008 and construction was not continued.

With this shabby and gloomy condition, it is clear how Joko Anwar and his team turned this set into various scenes that made the audience shudder. Rigo also guarantees that this shooting location will become a new impromptu tourist destination located in the DKI Jakarta-Bekasi border area.

In fact, where is the exact location of the flats?

Spot on the back side of the Servant of Satan 2 Flats, Saturday (6/8), cyclists were seen preparing to take pictures with the background of this flat. [Dokumentasi Pribadi/Fikri Rachmad Ardi]

So, you want to visit this flat? Make sure you know its location and how to access it.

This apartment is located in the Sumber Arta area, not far from Jalan Raya Kalimalang on the border between Bekasi City and DKI Jakarta. Administratively, the location of Sumber Arta is included in the Bintara Jaya Village, West Bekasi District, Bekasi City.

If you remember back, in mid-2021 this location became one of the blocking points for residents from the east to enter Jakarta. You certainly remember how a row of tanks belonging to the Indonesian National Army had to be placed across Jalan Raya Kalimalang to make it difficult for residents who wanted to go to Jakarta to stay at home during the Emergency PPKM period. It sucks, indeed, but this is what makes Sumber Arta one of the reckoned Jakarta-West Java border areas.

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The name Sumber Arta is also immortalized as the name of the market, which is located in the south of this flat. This market location is a mainstay for residents of Bintara Jaya and its surroundings to buy their daily needs. The access road to this flat is easily recognizable, besides the flat can be seen clearly from a distance, the access road is also marked by the presence of two gold shops which become the “gate” access to the flat.

Around this area, there are also AKDP and AKAP bus agents that can serve passengers to other cities in Java and surrounding areas. This location is even informally referred to as Sumber Arta Terminal.

If you are already around Sumber Arta, there is an access road to the flat that divides this market. The benchmark, if from the west (eg from Pondok Bambu and Pondok Kelapa), after passing the fork in Jalan Kincan Raya, walk a little to the east, then turn into the market.

Meanwhile, if you are coming from the east (eg from the direction of the Jakarta Outer Ring Road Toll Road or the West Bekasi Toll Gate area), after the fork in Jalan Bintara Jaya, go straight a bit west, then turn right into the flat.

Public Transportation Options to Rusun Pengabdi Setan 2

Illustration of KRL Commuter Line entering the platform above Manggarai Station (20/7). [Dokumentasi Pribadi/Fikri Rachmad Ardi]
Illustration of KRL Commuter Line entering the platform above Manggarai Station (20/7). [Dokumentasi Pribadi/Fikri Rachmad Ardi]

Well, for your convenience, using public transportation to this location is a thrifty and wise choice. The following transportation routes pass through the Sumber Arta area, and can be an alternative if the location of this flat suddenly becomes an impromptu tourist area so it will be difficult to bring a private vehicle there.

Take the KRL

There is an option to use the KAI Commuter electric train to get to Sumber Arta. You just go up KRL Commuter Line majoring in Bekasi or Cikarang (Cikarang Circle Line/Cikarang Loop Line) going to New Clender Station. Next, you can take city transportation Bekasi Transport Cooperative (Koasi) route K20 which hang out across from the station. Take this angkot until it runs out, because this angkot will stop right in front of Sumber Arta Market, the front yard of this flat. Taking an angkot is also more cost-effective than renting an ojek or taxi online.

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Yup, you can also access the Servant of Satan 2 flats with Transjakarta, especially if you are heading from the west (East Jakarta and its surroundings). You can ride Transjakarta route 7P (department of BKN – Pondok Kelapa) which crosses Jalan Laksamana Malahayati along Kalimalang and Becakayu Toll Road. If you’re still confused, the bus is small and has a white-orange trim and says Minitrans.

To make it easier, you can access this bus more easily by getting off at Cawang Sutoyo Bus Stop (Corridor 10) or BKN Bus Stop (Corridor 7 and 10) then take this small bus back at the bus stop. Don’t forget to bring an electronic money card so you can ride this bus. Finally, ask the bus driver to stop Transjakarta at Haji Naman Noer Ali stop. Then, you walk east about 500 meters to the location.

City transport

There are many options for public transportation that can be accessed to the Pengabdi Setan 2 flat. Apart from the Koasi route K20, Sumber Arta is also crossed by various other city transportations, especially microbuses. There is also another Koasi route that ends its journey at Sumber Arta. The following is the city transportation that crosses around the Servant of Satan 2 flats.

  1. Mikrolet M19 majoring in Cililitan – Kranji. Ask to get off at Sumber Arta.
  2. Mikrolet M26 for Kampung Melayu – Bekasi (Metropolitan Mall). Ask to get off at Sumber Arta.
  3. KOASI K20 majoring in Klender Terminal – Sumber Arta. Follow the angkot from Klender until it runs out at Sumber Arta.
  4. KOASI S02 majoring in Pondok Gede – Sumber Arta. Follow the angkot from Pondok Gede until it runs out at Sumber Arta.
  5. Jak Lingko JAK36 majoring in Duren Sawit – Pondok Kelapa. Ask to get off at the Haji Naman T-junction, then walk a little about 500 meters to the east towards the location.
  6. KWK route 26 route Rawamangun – Kalimalang. Follow this angkot until it runs out in Kalimalang, then walk a little about 500 meters to the east to the location.
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City bus

Still open shadow terminal at the former Pondok Gede Timur toll gate make your options for traveling to the Servant of Satan flat via the Cikampek Toll Road more diverse. On weekdays, many buses from the direction of Cawang to Bekasi and surrounding areas (and vice versa) drop off passengers at this shadow terminal, including several Mayasari Bakti bus, Transjabodetabekand JR Connection. You can get off here and continue your journey by ojek base. There is also an angkot S02, although it is still less crowded with many motorcycle taxi drivers who can be a choice for passengers to continue to the Pengabdi Setan 2 flat.

Private vehicle

Don’t want to take public transportation? If private vehicles such as cars and motorbikes are an option, make sure you have saved the location in your favorite map application. It is strategically located and can be accessed from various directions. The options are:

  1. Jakarta – Cikampek Toll Road, Exit at Pondok Gede Timur Toll Gate from the direction of Jakarta, then turn directly towards Jalan Kincan Raya. If from the direction of Cikampek, it is better to exit at the West Bekasi Toll Gate, then follow Jalan Raya Kalimalang to the west until you arrive at Sumber Arta.
  2. Jakarta Outer Ring Road Toll Roadexit at Kalimalang Toll Gate (Pondok Kelapa / Kranji), then turn towards Mitra 10 Kalimalang before turning towards Sumber Arta.
  3. Becakayu Toll Roadexit Bintara Jaya, then turn around at Simpang Caman towards Sumber Arta.
  4. This flat is next to Jalan Bintara Jaya Raya in the east and Naman Hajj Road, some distance to the west. Both are connected with Jalan Raya Kalimalang to get to Sumber Arta.


Even though it is located in an unusual place, the Demon Service Flat 2 is not difficult to access by public transportation. There are various transportation options that you can choose and save on costs. This is also a guide for you if you want to visit this place, as well as anticipating a surge in private vehicles that will park their vehicles around the location. Ready to be your next travel choice?