September 27, 2022

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Want a Career in Game Studios? Let’s take a peek at the following 5 professions!

Nowadays, who doesn’t like to play games? I myself really like playing games. In my cellphone alone there are at least five mobile games.

How about games on your cellphone? Just imagine that there are tens of thousands of games that can be played only through mobile phones. If you add special consoles like Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation, imagine how many million games you can play.

The game world is currently developing rapidly. The open flow of information and the pandemic has made playing games an option for recreation at home. When you see the excitement of a game, have you ever thought about what parts work in a game studio. It is possible that working in a game studio is the dream of many millennials. Let’s take a peek at the five professions that work behind the excitement of the game.

1. Game Designer

In the world of games, game designers can be likened to the brain working on a game. The game designer is responsible for designing how this game will be played later, what elements are in the game, the mechanics needed in a game, what is the difficulty level of each level, how the storyline in the game will be and sometimes how this game will be monetized if needed . Therefore, generally this work is not done by one person but by a team.

2. Game Artist

A game certainly needs attractive visuals to be pleasing to the eye when played. This game artist consists of 2D artists and 3D artists whose tasks can be further divided. This game artist is in charge of creating in-game characters, both main characters and Non-Player Character (NPC), background design, User Interface, and animation in the game. Sometimes for indie games or with limited people this part can be done by only one person.

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3. Programmer

Game design that has been carefully thought out, of course, will not materialize just like that. The task of the programmer is to execute the concept into a programming language so that the game can be played. You could say that this programmer is a tailor who unites elements such as game design, art, and sound in one game. Similar to game designers, programmers generally do not work alone. There are certain specialists such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming, physics programming, interface programmers, and many more. If you want a career as a game programmer, it’s a good idea to hone your logical thinking skills.

4. Game Tester

Finished games don’t just launch right away. The task of this game tester is to check games that have been made by game programmers. At first glance it sounds like a fun job, but actually this job has to look for errors or possible bugs that occur in the game so that later game programmers can fix it. If you are interested in becoming a game tester, your ability to analyze and describe a problem must be honed well.

5. Game Producer

Game Producers have an important role in a game studio. The job of this profession is to liaise between publishers and other studio representatives who participate in the development of a game. In addition, the task of a game producer is to determine the deadline for the game that is being worked on by his team.

Those were the five professions that work behind the excitement of the game as you play. Actually there are many more professions that support the making of a game. If interested, now there are many platforms or webinars that provide opportunities to learn more. If you are interested in a career in the game world, you can try them one by one until you find a career that suits you. Good luck!

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