December 1, 2022

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Wang Hailin Unveils New Rules, Chinese Artists Can’t Use Foreign Names?

On September 1, 2022, the names of Yang Ying (Angelababy), Yoko Ramu (Lamu Yangzi/Jackie Li), and several other Chinese artists were added to Weibo’s hot search list.

This happened after the director of the Chinese Film and Literature Association who often makes controversial statements, namely Wang Hailin, reported that radio and television had issued new regulations, as reported by Netease.

This regulation covers the stage names of Chinese artists who cannot speak English or sound like foreign names. This information immediately sparked heated discussion.

Wang Hailin mentioned that Yang Ying could no longer use the name Angelababy. In addition, Lamu Yangzi or Yoko Ramu must be changed to Chinese names. This new regulation was issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

In addition, Wang Hailin also explained that all artists with foreign names or names similar to foreign names will most likely have to change their stage names. Because radio and television will not allow this kind of thing.

On the same day, Lamu Yangzi announced via his Weibo account that he would continue his career under his real name, Li Jiaqi. He will also not be using a four-character stage name from now on. Instead, people can start calling Lamu Yangzi “Xiao La”.

Netizens also linked Lamu Yangzi’s name change to the controversy over his new Chinese drama, The Legendary Life of Queen Lau, who was accused of using Japanese culture in various aspects. As a result, radio and television have even issued policies to re-evaluate costume Chinese dramas.

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With Wang Hailin’s statement and Lamu Yangzi’s name change, netizens believe that this new radio and television regulation will soon make headlines. However, the public is still waiting for official information from radio and television regarding the specific requirements of this rule.

If in the future radio and television really prohibit the use of English names or names similar to foreign names for Chinese artists, then many artists in the Chinese entertainment industry will have to change their stage names, as Lamu Yangzi did.

Warganet assumes that everyone’s real name contains expectations from parents. While the stage names of the artists contain their respective dreams and visions. However, using a Chinese name is considered more to show a sense of trust in Chinese culture. What do you think?