October 1, 2022


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Viral Woman in Blitar Builds Free Restaurant, Free to Take Until Full

Sharing with others can be done in many ways. One of them is by giving alms food.

There are still many people out there who are less fortunate, they are still struggling to eat. This made a resident of Blitar open a free restaurant.

TikTok social media user bros Cantik uploaded a video about the free restaurant he had built. The restaurant is for anyone in need.

This free restaurant is located on Jalan Anjasmara number 33, Blitar Regency. Open every day at 09.00-14.00 WIB.

“Free diner today” he wrote as a video caption as quoted by Yoursay.id, Wednesday (15/06/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of a free restaurant built by this hijab-wearing woman. Many people who come to eat there ranging from small children, parents to families.

There are various choices of vegetables provided at the free restaurant. Those who eat here can take their own according to their respective stomach portions.

You can also add more food until you are full. For those who want to give alms at this woman’s free restaurant, they are welcome.

Free Restaurant

Free restaurant in Blitar. (TikTok/ beautiful bros)

Alms in any form will be accepted here, such as raw or cooked vegetables, basic necessities, money, and so on. There are also volunteers who help alternately every day.

“Anyone can eat, anyone can give charity,” said the veiled woman.

The video of a free restaurant in Blitar has gone viral on social media. Until this article was compiled, the video has been watched as many as 1.3 million times.

The viral video of a free restaurant in Blitar attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write positive responses.

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“Health is always good people, may good things live long. May the blessings and fortunes be more abundant, amen,” said one netizen.

“God bless good people,” added the cloth.

“This is very fast fyp,” said another.

“May the blessings and good fortune be launched, amen,” the prayers of other netizens.

Several netizens were inspired to open a free restaurant in their home.

“I want to be able to do something like this as well as make a free restaurant. Keep up the good fortune, good people,” netizen comments.

“From this video, I intend to make alms in this way instead of giving money, for fear of being corrupted. It’s better to eat like this, bismillah,” said another.