July 2, 2022


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Viral Woman Burning Cobek on the Stove Even This Ridiculous Animal Comes Out

Cobek is a traditional cooking utensil that is still widely used by Indonesian people. Usually the mortar is used to make chili sauce or cooking spices.

No wonder that almost every household has a mortar as their cooking utensil. Speaking of mortars, recently there was a viral video of a woman burning her mortar.

The viral video was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account again.viral. Video footage shows a woman burning her mortar on the stove.

“Fidly burning coet (torn) stones using a stove,” wrote the woman in her video as quoted by Yoursay.id, Tuesday (21/06/2022).

He burned the mortar until it was hot and smoked. The mortar that was originally wet has been washed and then burned, releasing ridiculous animals.

This mortar takes some maggots out of it. Suddenly the woman was shocked.

“Get out the maggots, my goodness,” said the woman.

Get Out Maggots

Tear out the maggots after being burned on the stove. (Instagram/ again.viral)

If you look closely at the viral video footage, there are three to four maggots moving in the mortar. This woman also asked herself to the mothers, “Coet buda is like this, isn’t it?”

Until this article was compiled, the viral video uploaded from the Lagi.viral account about the maggots licking had gotten 582 thousand views and 11.3 thousand likes.

The video of the maggots coming out of the maggots after being burned attracted the attention of netizens to write responses in the comments column. Warganet argues with a burnt mortar that maggots can come out.

There are netizens who believe that they have carried out similar experiments, but there are also those who do not. There are netizens who think that the maggots come out because they have never been washed.

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“Yes, that’s true, my mother often burns like that every 3/5 days. There really is. The maggots are fine,” commented one netizen.

“I’ve also had a mortar doused with boiling water right away, like that. At first the mortar had been washed and used, but it always smelled weird,” added another.

“Maybe the cobek has never been washed until it gets maggots,” another opinion.

“Eh, it’s impossible even though it’s hollow, what do maggots eat?” other netizens’ comments.