December 1, 2022

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Viral Woman Admits Forgotten the Name of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, the Video Floods Satire Shockingly, Public: If Pak Luhut Everyone Knows

Recently, a woman came into the spotlight after she couldn’t mention and admitted that she forgot the name of the current Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. The moment made netizens excited, after the viral video was reflected in the upload of the @nyinyir_update_official account on the Instagram social media network.

The man, as recorded in the video, initially asked the woman about her nationality. The woman also firmly answered that she was an Indonesian citizen.

After that, the man also gave him a challenge. He promised to give money if he managed to answer.

“Answer the question first if I can give you money. What is the name of the Vice President of Indonesia? But if you can’t answer it, we will make it up,” asked the man as quoted on Tuesday (27/09/2022).

The woman who was carrying a clear crackle filled with a number of packaged rice, then looked confused and laughed.

The woman looked dreamy and wondered the name of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia to her friend, who was waiting beside her.

“Who is it? Hahaha,” said the woman with a confused and awkward expression on her face.

Meanwhile, the woman’s friends also looked dazed and asked to look for the answer on a search site.

However, the woman knew the name of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and immediately answered Jokowi. However, he seemed to be guessing and his gaze wandered when he remembered the name of the Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin.

“Lali me (forget me). Iyo ignore me. Remember, Nasi Padang continues,” he said finally.

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The woman forgot the name of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia in the spotlight. (Instagram/nyinyir_update_official)

The show was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens. Most netizens bluntly mocked the Vice President, who was considered to have rarely appeared in public. Some even link it to the role of Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan.

“Do we have a vice president? Don’t you feel like that?” sarcastic citizens with the account @ipo***.

“Not forgetting the name, but forgetting that there is a vice president in Indonesia,” @ipy*** comment.

“It’s natural not to know, because it never shows up. Pak Luhut knows everything,” added @tsan***.

“That’s normal, you’ve never seen the bridge of his nose,” said @alvi***.

“Real satire” replied the warganet via the @reza*** account.

By the time this article was compiled, the viral post had already garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.