December 2, 2022

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Viral tutorial for cooking simple side dishes is even complicated, the public is auto-emotional: making it difficult for themselves

One of the tutorials that content creators often share is cooking. Content creators will usually make cooking tutorials as simple as possible so that netizens can easily practice them at home.

However, there is a video tutorial for cooking a simple side dish that actually makes netizens emotional. The viral video of the cooking tutorial makes the emotion re-shared by the Instagram social media account.

“Netizens are happy, no. Netizens are emotional, yes,” written in the video as quoted by, Thursday (4/8/2022).

The viral video footage shows a tutorial on how to cook a simple side dish from easily available ingredients. There are three ingredients needed to make this simple side dish, namely, yellow tofu, tempeh, and eggs.

Don’t forget the other spices such as shallots, garlic, scallions, salt, and ground pepper, which have been prepared in a smooth form. First, the yellow skin of the tofu is removed by using a peeler.

Second, the leaf-wrapped tempeh is plugged in with an ice cream stick to make it easier to cut into pieces. The thing that makes me emotional is that the tofu that has had the yellow skin removed is even finely ground.

Not only that, the tempeh that has been stabbed into an ice cream stick and has been cut is also pounded. How can netizens not be emotional?

The third thing that makes netizens emotional because of this tutorial is that the yolk is separated from the white part. In the next process, the egg yolks that have been separated from the whites are even mixed together with the tofu and tempeh mixture.

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Make Netizens Emotions

Cooking tutorials that make netizens emotional. (Instagram/laughs)

The tofu skin that was set aside earlier ended up being mixed in the dough as well. As a result, the energy expended to set aside the skin of the tofu yolks, cut the tempeh, and separate the egg yolks was wasted because they were all mixed.

Just uploaded a few hours ago, this video has already garnered 606K views on Instagram reels and 23.6K likes. The video comment column was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were made emotional.

“Tutorials complicate yourself, if it can be difficult why should it be easy,” commented one netizen.

“If something is complicated, why choose the easy one,” said another.

“I feel like destroying Instagram,” added another.

“It’s sad that food is made to be played for what purpose,” said another.

“Why don’t you just buy white tofu,” other words.

“I’m sorry, where is the house, yes. My shoes haven’t flown in a long time, sis,” another netizen said.