September 28, 2022

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Viral this man got an e-ticket for not wearing a helmet, the location is in the spotlight

The ticketing system in Indonesia has now changed. The police in addition to doing fines face-to-face, also with an electronic ticketing system.

Motorists who commit violations will be sent a ticket directly to their home. Recently there was a man who uploaded his ticket.

The social media account Instagram video_medsos re-uploaded the man’s ticket. The contents of the letter are a photo of a man riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

The location of the male motorcyclist who was ticketed was on the left and right side of the rice field area. For the violation, the male motorcyclist is subject to Article 29 paragraph (1).

“Not wearing a helmet. Article 291 paragraph (1). Not wearing an Indonesian National Standard helmet,” the contents of the ticket as quoted by, Tuesday (21/6/2022).

To receive sanctions for the violations committed, the man can follow the confirmation procedure according to the directions in the letter.

The ticket that this man received has gone viral on social media. The post about the ticket that the man received attracted the attention of netizens.

Got a fine in the middle of the rice field

Got an electronic ticket. (Instagram/video_medsos)

The comments column for the upload was flooded with various opinions from netizens. There are netizens who regret that the man was ticketed on the road in the middle of a rice field area.

There are also netizens who agree that wherever they are, motorbike riders must wear a helmet because the rules are like that.

“Our rules are always obedient. But yes, please be conditioned by people’s activities, sir. So if you want to make rules, if you don’t overdo it, it’s important for the welfare of the people!” said one netizen.

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“Where are you going to bring a helmet, sir, want to save because now going to the fields, you get a ticket,” said another.

“Yes, it’s appropriate not to obey the rules, the father is not ashamed whether the road is good so there are no potholes but doesn’t obey the rules,” other netizens’ comments.

“In my opinion, wherever you are, if you ride a motorcycle, you must wear a helmet. Near or far in the village or in the city, you must wear it. For the safety of users as well. Because you don’t know the dangers out there. Don’t just judge from one side,” added another.