September 28, 2022

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Viral Residents Forced Seize Between Firefighters Who Put Out the Fire, Public Inflamed

It happened again, residents forcibly snatched the hose from the Samarinda firefighters who were putting out the fire. The incident occurred on Jalan Untung Suropati, Samarinda.

The moment was uploaded by the official Instagram account damkar_samarinda on Monday (13/6/2022). There are two video recordings uploaded in one post.

The first video shows four residents forcibly snatching the hose from the hands of the firefighters. One of the four residents who snatched the hose from the firefighters was seen raging.

He did not accept it when the firefighters asked him to hand over the hose. This man kept pulling on the hose to spray water on the smoldering fire.

Another firefighter stepped in to help his colleague calm the man. Meanwhile, a man wearing a white t-shirt was pulled over by another firefighter.

In the second video, several residents use hoses from the fire department to extinguish the fire themselves. Even though they tried to extinguish the fire with water from the fire hose, the fire continued to soar.

Residents Forcibly Seize the Hose of Firefighters

Residents forcibly grabbed the hose from the firefighters who were putting out the fire. (Instagram/damkar_samarinda)

According to information from the Samarinda City Fire and Rescue Service, the conditions at the scene of the crime were many diesel fuel drum containers whose fire easily spread through the flow of water.

Videos of residents forcibly snatching hoses from firefighters who were putting out the fire went viral on social media and were re-uploaded to several large accounts. The action of residents who forcibly snatched the hose from the firefighters drew various responses from netizens.

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“Be patient, firefighters. God willing, the reward will be abundant. The thing called panic is sometimes not controlled,” a netizen’s response.

“I don’t know the flushing technique and instead throw away the existing water, the firefighters have been trained to put out fires, not just spray here and there,” said another.

“If it’s been uploaded on TikTok, keep on fyp. Then it’s on the national news, aren’t you ashamed to take the hose without the correct SOP,” another said.

Some netizens hope that if firefighters work at a fire scene, there will be assistance from the police.

“Can the firefighters be accompanied by the police? One police truck at once, to deal with residents like this,” netizen comments.

“This is how every damkar should be accompanied by the police so that residents don’t just take their foreheads forcibly,” added another.