August 8, 2022

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Viral Mother and Son Playing Slide Ends Collision with Woman: What are you doing there?

Who likes to slide? A fun game that can be tried by all ages.

Talking about the slide game, there is a funny viral video re-uploaded by the social media account Instagram memekamvret. The viral video shows a mother and daughter playing on a slide together hitting a woman.

“5 minutes before…” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Saturday (02/07/2022).

Video footage shows the mother and son playing on a slide. They played on the slide in the room.

Mother and son slide up and down a high slide. They looked happy to be able to play slides together.

The mother gripped her son’s hand tightly to keep him safe under the slide. However, who would have thought that when they got to the bottom there would be an incident.

The mother and son hit a middle-aged woman who was standing right in front of the slide. The woman who was hit by them hit the mother’s head.

As a result, the woman fell in a supine position. This woman immediately turned to the mother who bumped into her.

He glared at the mother who bumped into him. Meanwhile, the mother who was still in shock just stared at this woman silently.

The Woman Who Was Hit Jumped Glows

Hit the woman standing in front of the slide. (Instagram/memkamvret)

The boy who hit the woman also looked shocked. After just a few hours of uploading, the video has already garnered 267,000 views on the reels and 10.2 thousand likes.

The comments column for this video was immediately invaded by netizens who were watching to write various responses. Not a few netizens were surprised that the woman who was hit by her mother and son could stand in front of the slide.

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“His mothers are funny even standing there,” said one netizen.

“Yeah, what are you doing standing there, Mom,” said another.

“Why are you standing there already knowing the slide,” added another.

Several netizens commented on the expression of the middle-aged woman who was hit and immediately glared.

“Why are you glaring bund?” netizen comments.

“Well, that’s if the women stood on the road and the train was hit, the train would be looked at as well,” said another.

“The expression on his face shows that he is like the zaoldyek family,” said another.