August 8, 2022

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Viral Men Sell Laptops, Promotion Uses Roasting Skills about Kominfo Blocking Sites

The policy of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology or Kominfo to block a number of sites such as Paypal, Steam, and Epic Games has drawn public controversy. The Kominfo policy of blocking a number of sites because they did not register until Saturday (30/7/2022) was considered detrimental to the community.

The controversy even became a Twitter trending topic with #BlokirKominfo. A citizen gave a response regarding the Kominfo policy through a short video re-uploaded by the slapstick Instagram account.

“Trade with roasting skills,” write the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Sunday (31/07/2022).

In this video, the man sells his gaming laptop by promoting roasting the actions of Kominfo to block a number of sites. At first the man in the white shirt said he wanted to sell a gaming laptop.

He then explained the specifications of the gaming laptop that he would sell. The roasting point for Kominfo was revealed when explaining the features in a gaming laptop.

First, he mentioned several gaming sites that were blocked by Kominfo.

“On this laptop you can’t play games. Because Steam and Epic Games have been blocked,” said this man.

He then roasted about Kominfo blocking Adobe.

“You can also edit very good videos on this laptop before, before Adobe was blocked too,” he continued.

Kominfo Roasting Block Site

Roasting Kominfo action that blocks the application. (Instagram / joke)

The man says its laptop suitability for programmers.

“This laptop is really suitable for you programmers, why? Because Github, Stack Overflow, and Leetcode have been blocked. Making your 4 years of college in Informatics wasted,” he said.

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The man also explained that the price of his gaming laptop was very cheap, only Rp. 11,000 with a postage of Rp. 10,000. Payment for the purchase of the laptop can only use Paypal which has been blocked by Kominfo.

“The payment is very difficult because it only uses PayPal and PayPal has been blocked by the government,” he said.

He said that if he wanted to find more information, he couldn’t go to Wikipedia because it had been blocked. If you want to buy a laptop there is advice given by him.

“And if you can’t buy this laptop, for example, it’s better if you just slot it, as long as the website is not blocked,” he concluded.

A viral video of a man selling a laptop using a Kominfo roaster that blocked a series of sites has drawn netizens’ responses.

“The most real work is Mr. Kominfo,” a netizen commented.

“Come on before the stock is sold out,” said another.

“Sad with style,” another said.

“NgeSlot is the safest,” other netizens’ comments.