August 8, 2022

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Viral man from Lampung marries two women who are still cousins, this is the story

Recently viral on social media regarding the wedding video of a man with two women who are still cousins. One of the viral videos was uploaded by the social media account TikTok oktanovi87.

There are several short video clips that show the moment of the man’s marriage to the two women who are still cousins. It is known that the marriage of a man with two cousins ​​was held in Lebakgung Village, Lampung.

The video footage shows the three brides looking side by side together on the aisle. There is also a video showing two brides who are cousins ​​being advised by a woman.

The two brides were seen being asked by the mothers there to hug. However, the expressions of the two brides were in the spotlight.

Because the look on their faces shows disapproval. Based on the news circulating on social media, the story behind the marriage of one man with two women is still cousins.

Here’s the story

The story of a marriage between a man and two women who are still cousins. (TikTok/ octanovi87)

The bride who wears a white headscarf is the first boyfriend of the man. It is known that the white hijab is 5 months pregnant with the man.

The white hijab itself migrated to Jakarta. Meanwhile, the man who is still his girlfriend is also in a relationship with the pink hijab bride.

It turns out that he is still a cousin with a white veil bride. The mothers of the two brides are sisters.

The man is known to propose to the pink hijab who is 3 months pregnant. The news of the proposal was heard by the white hijab who migrated in Jakarta from her friend.

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She then returned to Lampung to tell her family that she was pregnant with the man’s child. The family of the pink hijab did not accept it and took their child.

However, what happened between the three families resulted in the marriage of one man with these two female cousins. The viral video of the marriage of a man with two women who are still cousins ​​has received various responses from netizens.

“If I personally rather than endure pain for life, I’d rather be alone,” a netizen commented, quoted by on Saturday (6/8/2022).

“How can this happen if I don’t want to, even though I’m old like this, I also have a husband to share,” connect another.

“You can see from his face that there must be a third war,” said another.

“Hopefully their marriage will be bound by strength from God, amen. I want to say what happened,” other opinion.

“This is a awry position, I want to give in, but it’s too late, I want to go forward in a tormented mind,” other netizens’ comments.