August 8, 2022

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Viral is afraid to go to the bathroom at night, this man invites an unexpected figure to accompany him

Not a few people are afraid to go to the bathroom alone at night. Usually people are afraid because the night is quiet or even afraid of ghosts.

This fear makes people go to the bathroom at night asking for company. Recently, a video went viral on social media, where a man was afraid to go to the bathroom alone at night and asked to be accompanied by an unexpected figure.

The viral video was re-uploaded by the slapstick Instagram social media account of the TikTok owner owl_gendut. Until now, the video upload has received 3 million views on the reels and 163 thousand likes.

“Afraid to go to the bathroom at night? Just take him,” written in the video as quoted by, Saturday (6/8/2022).

Video footage shows a man in the bathroom. However, she was suddenly terrified of having to be alone in the bathroom at night.

As a result, he called someone to accompany him in the bathroom. Apparently the man was not calling people but a pet owl.

The owl he summoned had a huge build came into the bathroom by the way. This owl went straight into the bathroom with the door slightly opened.

The man then asked his pet owl to climb to the edge of the tub. His pet owl immediately did as he was told.

Ask to be Accompanied by an Owl

Ask the owl to accompany you. (Instagram/slapstick)

His pet owl looked calmly standing on the edge of the tub to accompany him there. This man also still had time to hold the head of his pet owl.

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The viral video of a man asking to be accompanied in the bathroom at night by his pet owl has received various responses from netizens. There were netizens who were surprised that the man even asked to be accompanied by an owl even though he was afraid.

“Scared of ghosts but accompanied by owls” a netizen commented.

“Even summoning a ghost” another word.

“Afraid to go to the bathroom, next time asking the owl to accompany him, instead of calling him, he’s even more afraid if he makes a sound wkwkwk,” added another.

Some netizens were horrified if something happened because of the owl’s actions.

“It’s horrible to get bitten,” netizen’s response.

“In fact, it was horrifying to suddenly pee again,” other opinion.

“Even more scared, when suddenly the lights went out, his eyeballs were on,” said another.