October 1, 2022


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Viral Grandpa gets paid toy money, ends in peace that reaps public suspicion

Recently, successful social media users were annoyed with a video showing the story of a sugarcane logger grandpa who gets paid in the form of toy money.

One of these viral videos was shared by the Instagram account @fact.indo on Sunday (19/6/2022) yesterday. According to the information in the video, this incident reportedly took place in the District of Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba), Lampung.

In the video recording, the grandfather, who is known as Sunardi, is seen talking about the toy money he just got with several other people.

The people there then suggested that the worker’s grandfather report this case to the authorities. However, he seemed to reject the advice given and seemed to accept the incident.

The moment when the foreman came to the house of the sugarcane lumberjack

The moment when the foreman came to the sugarcane logger’s grandfather’s residence (Instagram/@fact.indo)

Shortly after the video of this sugarcane logger grandfather went viral on social media, it was discovered that the foreman immediately went to his grandfather’s residence.

According to the latest information from the @fact.indo account quoted from humas.polri.go.id, the foreman has apologized and replaced the salary given previously with real money worth IDR 470,000.

The foreman reasoned that the grandfather’s salary was accidentally confused with his son’s toy money. Finally, the incident was resolved amicably and ended peacefully.

However, netizens seem not quite satisfied with the resolution of this incident. They thought that the reasons presented earlier sounded illogical and it was suspected that the foreman apologized only because the case went viral.

“Ha ha ha ha ha it’s so funny the foreman can’t tell the difference between real money and play money said a netizen.

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“It’s illogical,” added another netizen.

“Is it peaceful? It’s already a crime, you know, fraud cases are really easy, people like that just get away without being punished,” another said.

“Well, it’s gone viral, then it’s peaceful… when you give it, don’t you see it and count it first?” other comments.

“Obviously the play money, you careless from where, Grandpa wants to follow up the case, he might be afraid that he won’t be able to work there anymore. My Indonesia is getting more comedic every day,” another netizen said.