September 27, 2022

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Viral Driver Chat Customers Use Writing on Paper because HP is Broken, Colleagues Give Gifts

Kindness can be done anywhere and anytime. There is a saying that there is no need to delay to do good.

This is what ojol car drivers share their fortune with their colleagues. He gave gifts to his fellow ojol drivers.

In the video re-uploading the Instagram account again.viral, the ojol car driver showed his colleague’s struggle to earn a living so enthusiastically. Even though the cellphone used is broken for typing, it’s a typo.

The motorcycle taxi driver is still trying to chat with his customers. He sent a chat to the customer by writing a message on paper, then taking a photo.

“Afternoon, Sis, pick him up in front or behind? What color are you wearing? Sorry, Sis, my cellphone screen is broken, if I type it’s crazy. I chatted via sending photos like this,” writing a message for the motorcycle taxi driver to the customer.

The customer was also touched by the motorcycle taxi driver who took pains to write on paper so they could chat with him. The motorcycle taxi driver then takes the customer to their destination.

Happy to be given HP gifts

Colleagues give a cellphone as a gift. (Instagram/again.viral)

Meanwhile, car ojol drivers are waiting in the same place as before. He will give a cellphone as a gift for his colleague.

Incidentally, the order was busy that day so I could buy a new cellphone. He gave his old cellphone which was still fit for use to the ojol colleague.

He asked his colleague to take the cell phone box that was placed in the car. His colleague read the message on this cellphone box.

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His colleague was so happy to be able to get a replacement cellphone. He immediately opened the gift and thanked the ojol car drivers who shared his kindness with him.

“Finally I can type normally again. Bang Duy, thank you again,” the motorcycle taxi driver chat said thank you.

This viral video garnered various positive responses from netizens who watched it.

“To do good, you don’t have to be in an abundance position, thank you #good people,” a netizen commented.

“That’s cool, brother.” added another.

“Good people will meet good people, the spirit of family warriors,” other responses.

“What are you doing? That’s really cool,” another netizen said.