September 26, 2022

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Viral Cool Action Gentlemen Show Magic Book Magic, Make Bocil Gaze

As a child, we tend to like things that smell like magic. We are always stunned to see the action of a magician who cleverly plays a trick. Often, we think about how a magician can do this.

Magic actions can not only be done by professionals though. We can also learn magic tricks in an octadidactic manner. Learning magic also knows no age. Children and even adults are also interested in magic.

What if the magic action was played by gentlemen in a public place. The video uploaded by the @jakarta.cepat account via Instagram, shows gentlemen selling magic books while showing their magic actions so that they are interested in buying their merchandise.

In the video, a man wearing a batik shirt and cap is seen holding a picture book. Initially, the father received the money that was known to be the buyer. The man received the money while explaining the uniqueness of the book he was selling.

“You don’t have to worry that you can’t or anything,” said the father, holding the book.

There were quite a number of men and their young children watching the action of the seller who performed magic to sell their wares. The father enthusiastically practiced his way of turning a book that was originally blank, into a picture and colorful one.

Father’s action that brings up the picture in the magic book


“How to play like this, sir, I repeat again!” said the father.

As he spoke, the man opened each blank book with no pictures at all. Then, the man turned the book over to convince the audience that the book was really empty.

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The father asked a small child to hit the book so that the picture appears while talking.

“Even though we can’t draw, because this book is magical, hit it once!” said the father as he ordered a small child to hit the book.

The father immediately opened the book. Miraculously, the book immediately appeared pictures on every page. Then, to bring out the color, the father ordered the boy to hit his book twice.

Once opened again, the book is immediately colored. The man immediately explained how to remove the pictures and colors in the book. The man just shook the book, and instantly all the pictures disappeared.

Mr.’s action made the audience entertained and interested in buying the magical book.

The funny video made netizens comment.

“Direct red magician resign,said one netizen.

“Magician Mbah,” said another netizen.