September 26, 2022

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Viral Car Transported by Small Boat Floating in the Sea, Auto Troubled!

The Indonesian way of transporting goods does exist. Often the way is to make other people gawk until they think, “How come,”

Recently viral on social media videos of cars being transported using small boats bobbing in the sea. The viral video was re-shared, one of them by the Instagram account memekamvret.

“My ancestors were sailors,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Monday (08/08/2022).

Video footage shows a small boat sailing in the middle of the sea. The boat was boarded by several people including a man in a white shirt.

Interestingly, the small boat was carrying a car that was larger than the width of the boat. This car is placed in the back of the boat.

While the man wearing a white shirt sat at the end of the boat. At first, the man wearing a white shirt looked calm with the occasional glance at the car behind.

However, the waves of the sea water are getting stronger. As a result, making the man in the white shirt nervous.

The look on his face was horrified as he looked at the car behind him. It is suspected that this man was afraid that the car would fall into the sea.

Because, judging from the video, the car being transported was not tied with a rope for safety. The man in the white shirt was afraid to say something to a man in front of him.

Auto Ketar Ketir

This man was worried about the state of the car he was transporting. (Instagram/memkamvret)

Unfortunately, it is not known what this white t-shirt man said. Just uploaded a few hours ago, the video has already received 185 thousand views and 8.9 thousand likes.

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The comments column for the video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens. According to a netizen who owns a car, he is too brave to take high risks.

There are also netizens who think that the courage of the man in the video transporting the car makes fishermen from other countries and insurance offices nervous.

“High risk no return” a netizen commented.

“Those who look nervous,” another word.

“How can I not worry about fishermen from other countries,” said another.

“The insurance office held a prayer together to see this,” another opinion.

“It was previously reported that Livina had been taught how to swim,” other netizens’ comments.