September 27, 2022

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Viral Boys Refuse to Meet Girlfriends Because they don’t fit in the photo

To meet new people is now easy, just by using social media, you can get in touch directly. No wonder if from social media, someone can get acquaintances.

When you get acquainted through social media quite intensively, you will usually make an appointment to meet face-to-face. In this regard, social media has recently been enlivened with a video of a guy who confides in canceling his intention to meet a girl he knows because it doesn’t match the photo.

The video of the boy’s rant was re-shared by the Instagram viralyes social media account. Video footage shows a boy in a car.

The guy parked his car not far from where the girl he knew was waiting. The girl was waiting in front of a building while sitting on the terrace.

This guy and girl are expected to meet after getting acquainted through social media. However, the meeting was apparently not going to happen.

The guy gave up his intention to meet a girl he knew through social media. The reason he doesn’t want to meet a girl he knows is because the photo and the original are different.

“Apparently in the photo and the original is different,” writing in the video as quoted by, Wednesday (15/06/2022).

This guy didn’t get out of the car and apologized through his video to a girl he knew.

“Forgive me,” he apologized.

Netizens Response

Guys don’t want to meet this girl they know. (Instagram/ virales)

At the end of the video, the guy shows the notification on his cellphone screen. There is a chat notification from WhatsApp that came in 2 minutes ago and a new Instagram message notification that came in once. Allegedly this guy showed a message notification that the girl he knew wanted to send to him.

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The video of the boy’s rant who refused to meet the girl he knew attracted the attention of netizens. Not a few netizens regretted the guy’s attitude.

“This brother is caught really choosing because he’s beautiful. Not necessarily if he’s beautiful, he has a good heart. It’s not really a gentleman to be left like that if you make an appointment,” the response of one netizen.

“Then the method means that you PHPin people, it’s better to be gentle. You meet them and tell the truth, don’t let people wait, pity them,” said another.

“Actually, it’s because of the caste difference so I can’t find the girl, I’m really sorry for the girl,” added another.

“That’s because she wears simple clothes and make-up, even though from the face it looks beautiful,” another netizen said.