August 14, 2022

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Viral Boy Eats Sambal and Boiled Vegetables, Netizens Are Excited: Really Smart

Difficulty eating children is a problem that is often faced by parents. Especially when children are still in their infancy, they often have difficulty eating problems.

Parents also often find it difficult to get their children to like eating vegetables. However, it was different with this one boy.

In a re-upload of a video to an Instagram social media account, a favorite recipe shows a boy voraciously eating chili sauce and boiled vegetables. The boy eats with his parents lying on the floor.

The boy took a plate of white rice according to the portion of his meal. The side dish served by the mother is placed in a mortar.

There is tomato sauce, tofu penyet, kale and boiled long beans. This little boy looks happy with the menu of food cooked by his mother.

He voraciously took boiled kale and then dipped it in the tomato sauce. He put the kale that had been dipped into the tomato sauce over the white rice and tofu penyet.

This boy eats chili sauce and boiled vegetables voraciously. (Instagram/favorite recipes)

The boy voraciously ate mouthful after mouthful of food in his mouth. Annoying again, this boy eats with his hands.

It didn’t feel like the white rice on his plate was almost finished because it matched the food menu. Even though he felt spiciness from eating the chili sauce, he was still voraciously eating.

Every now and then the boy wiped his dripping sweat. He also drinks water in the middle of eating to neutralize the spicy taste of the chili sauce.

Until this article was compiled, the video has received 225 thousand views on reels and 5 thousand likes. The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens.

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Not a few netizens gave praise to this little boy because he voraciously ate chili sauce and boiled vegetables.

“There are children who like to eat vegetables as much as they can. Around me, on average, children don’t like vegetables, they don’t like spicy food, they want to cry when they eat them,” a netizen’s compliment.

“Geez, I’m drooling to see my sister eating,” added another.

“Really smart. My son at this age is still fed, he eats it with chicken, meat, eggs, he doesn’t want to eat vegetables, let alone chili sauce, it’s boro-boro,” another said.

“Widih is already hooked on chili sauce, brother,” said another.

“Very clever,” other netizens’ comments.