August 8, 2022

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Viral Action of Man Feeding Baby Vape with Woman, Laughing Video Recorder

Video footage circulating on social media shows a baby being fed a vape type of electronic cigarette. Launching from MasterIn the video, a man casually inserts the part of the vape suction hole into the baby’s mouth.

The man when entering the vape was holding the baby. Meanwhile, the baby who was fed with a vape looked calm.

There was a woman next to a man who was feeding the baby a vape. This woman who recorded the action of the man.

Not to stop the man’s unkind actions. This woman actually laughed a little while saying, “Broken records, abi, broken records, you will suck.”

The video, which was originally shared on Instagram’s Instastory, was later shared by someone on Twitter. Based on search results from netizens, the Instagram account of the person who fed the baby with vaping was deactivated after this video went viral and drew criticism.

Laughing Video Recorder Woman

A man feeds a vaping baby. (Instagram/mstaronlineofficial)

In one of the screenshots shared on Twitter, the woman in the video is thought to be not the baby’s biological mother. Instead, the baby’s birth mother is the sister of the woman in the video.

The man in the video is thought to be his friend. The viral video received special attention from MedTweetMy, namely Dr Khairul Hafidz Alkhair Amin.

“It should not be allowed, I will take this case to the authorities,” wrote Dr. Khairul Hafidz Alkhair Amin on his Twitter account.

Warganet supports the steps that will be taken by Dr Khairul Hafidz Alkhair Amin. Netizens hope that the perpetrators will be punished accordingly for their unkind actions.

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“If you want to joke, even use your brain to laugh. Don’t show such stupid things,” a netizen’s scathing comment.

“Can someone save this baby instead of two stupid adults?” said another.

“What’s on his mind can’t tell what’s dangerous or not,” another said.

Quote from Beritahits, Pulmonary specialist from Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI) – Puri Indah, dr. Astri Indah Prameswari, Sp.P. explained that electronic cigarettes contain nicotine which is dangerous because it can cause lung damage, increasing the risk of developing lung cancer.