August 8, 2022

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Viral A Mother Reprimands a Minimarket Cashier Who Allegedly Plays Prices, Her Action Reaps Pros and Cons

Recently, a video went viral on social media of a mother reprimanding the cashier of a minimarket in Lampaseh. The mothers reprimanded the cashier who served them for allegedly playing with the price of goods.

The viral video was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account from Surya Keluarga’s TikTok post. Video footage shows a mother who came to the cashier of the minimarket where she had been shopping before.

The mother immediately reprimanded the female minimarket cashier who had counted her purchases. This mother asked about the price of the wrong item she bought.

According to the mother, initially the cashier calculated the item at a price of Rp. 20,000. Even though the price of the goods is only Rp. 12,300.

He asked the cashier to double-check the price of the item on the computer. He also asked permission to look directly at the prices of goods on the store computer.

“Take a look at the actual price, I think you guys have lied to me,” said the mother as quoted by, Friday (05/08/2022).

The cashier also checked on the computer and said that the price of the item was Rp. 19,500. This mother did not believe what the cashier said.

Allegedly Playing the Price of Items

The minimarket cashier gives a reduced change. (Instagram/

He asked again to see for himself the price of the item listed on the computer. He found out that the price of the goods purchased was only Rp. 12,300 from his sister who worked there to scan the barcode.

He asked why the cashier had justified the receipt was out and did not show the original price. As a result, he felt cheated by the cashier who served him.

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The minimarket cashier then gave the rest of the change belonging to the women. The price of the goods paid by the mother was finally Rp. 12,300.

The action of mothers reprimanding minimarket cashiers is suspected of playing with the price of goods, reaping the pros and cons of netizens.

“It often happens that I am often deceived which is pasted on the same shelf on a different receipt,” a netizen commented.

“It’s no wonder that when you’re at the cashier, it looks like it’s really expensive even though you spend a little bit,” said another.

“Indomaret must clarify this. This is only 1 person or 1 item that has been caught. Imagine how many thousand Indomaret and how many items were cheated,” connect another.

“Is it time to scan, the price changes, min? Scan the product barcode directly to the Indomaret central server, the price immediately appears on the monitor. Unless the shop person forgets to pull the discount price tag. Make a positive caption, min, at least there are people who work at the PT and because it’s viral he may become depressed due to the actions of the admin and repeated people who video without clear evidence,” other netizens’ opinions.

“I used to work in retail. If the cashier said good words, it was clear and didn’t cheat. The customer would be happy to accept it, even though it was without a receipt, just doodles of a pen,” other netizens’ comments.