December 6, 2022

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Video of Orangutans Attracts Visitors to Go International Zoo, Here’s TXT’s Reaction

A video showing an orangutan attracting a visitor at the Kasang Kulim zoo, Siak Luhu, Kampar Riau was viral on social media pages on Tuesday (7/6/2022). In the video, the man is pulled by the orangutan’s clothes and legs.

The man is now reported to have received a warning. This is because he is considered to have violated zoo regulations, precisely crossing the fence just for the sake of content.

The male figure is known as Hasanal Arifin (19). Together with his friend, he accidentally recorded the incident and his party was met by Kasang Kulim Zoo manager Desrizal. Hasan finally apologized for his prank because he thought that he would be able to create funny content on social media.

This video received a lot of responses from netizens because it was considered funny, dangerous and even re-parodied by celebrities and celebrities. The video did not only reach Indonesia, it was even watched by the famous K-Pop Boy Band in South Korea, namely TXT.

The South Korean male vocal group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is one of the most famous male vocal groups in the world, especially in Indonesia they have many fans. The group which consists of 5 members (members) and debuted in 2019 is quite calculated in the K-Pop industry. TXT is under the auspices of Big Hit Entertainment like senior BTS.

Recently, two TXT members Yeonjun and Beomgyu went live together with funny reaction video content recommended by their fans. One of the videos as they reacted is the video of Hasan being pulled by an orangutan at the Riau Zoo. As long as TXT watched the video instead of laughing because it was funny, they thought the viral video was dangerous.

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“It’s a little sad, I don’t know why it ended like that, you don’t attack people who think the video is funny because everyone has a different point of view,” said TXT’s Yeonjun as quoted from the TikTok account upload @taehyunnunaaa on Friday (17/6/ 2022).

We can catch the response of TXT members that things that are considered funny by others are not necessarily funny. Because everyone has a different point of view.