September 27, 2022

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Very Important, Here Are 5 Benefits of Posyandu!

Posyandu is an abbreviation of Integrated Service Post, this activity is a form of Community Based Health Efforts or which can be abbreviated as UKBM which is carried out by and with the community.

Posyandu benefits are very important, here are 5 benefits of Posyandu:

1. Monitor baby’s development

Coming to posyandu, mothers and children will be served by health workers, the first thing to do is usually weigh and measure the baby’s weight according to a predetermined graph.

If a problem is found, the officer will notify you of further action to be taken. The development of the baby must be monitored or monitored so that its growth and development remains normal.

2. Consultation with health workers

When a baby experiences something that hinders its growth and development, for example, the mother can ask questions directly and get answers from the health workers provided at the Posyandu.

Not only consultations related to the health of babies, but Posyandu also provides health consultations for the community, for example pregnant women and the elderly who will consult with health workers.

At certain times, usually at the Posyandu, health counseling or health socialization by health workers will also be held, so that the right answers and solutions will be obtained, this is very important, especially for health care.

3. Getting immunized

At certain times, the Posyandu will usually present or bring in a doctor to administer immunizations for babies. Immunizations that are usually held at the Posyandu are in the form of immunization against polio, measles, hepatitis, and other immunization programs launched by the government.

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4. Controlling children’s nutrition

Through Posyandu, mothers can also find out information about balanced nutrition. The health worker will give a clear explanation, so that it will be easier for the mother to understand, and the mother will understand what to do to ensure good dental intake for the child.

Usually in the Posyandu, mothers will be explained about exclusive breastfeeding and the types of food variations that will be given to children.

5. Health checks for the community

Not only dealing with children’s health, but Posyandu provides facilities to handle public health, for example for pregnant women and the elderly.

This will be very beneficial for public health, so that a healthy society and a healthy environment can be realized.

Those are the 5 benefits of Posyandu, hopefully this information can be useful.